Sunday Funnies and Fabulous Friday!

I’m combining the original blog from Friday with a story for today that came up on my FB memories today. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


A year ago, I was home alone with the dogs. We hadn’t lost Roxie yet. Roxie was being naughty so I put her in her kennel. Lexie was being good, so I let her lay on our bed. I always put my clean clothes on the bed in a little stack. I did again that day. When I came out of the bathroom, this is what I saw. Lexie, wearing my bra! Now, how does that happen?? I wish I could have seen her wriggling around and how she ended up like this. She didn’t look at me all day, and was pretty aloof if not embarassed. This is why I love dogs, they truly are part of the family!

Lexie, the day she decided to wear my bra. Silly puppy!!


You can definitely have bad luck on any day of your life, not just Friday the 13th. It’s been the topic of many a horror movie, haunted house, and movie villain personalities for a long time. For some reason, some people just love to be scared out of their wits. I prefer not to be. I also am not an amusement park ride person. I sit on a bench and hold everyone’s coats, purses, and souvenirs. If you haven’t eaten your ice cream cone, it won’t be waiting for you when you get back. By the time you wait in line, ride the ride, exit the ride, it would be melted anyway. Ice cream is the answer to any problem there is. And I will enjoy it for you.

One of the things I love about fall is the colors. The leaves are barely turning now, but in a couple weeks they will be well on their way. It’s a dance that is performed every year. Maybe it’s Gods way of rewarding us for the long, hot summer. Whatever it is, if you live in a four season area, you’re in for a treat.

Nebraska truly is in the middle of the country. I know there will be a beautiful Harvest Moon tonight, and some folks are concerned they won’t be able to see it. I will be able to and I can only hope to get a good photo of it. That’s part of the wonderment of nature. It will be in your mind’s eye, and you just hope you can capture it to share. You will always have the vision, and it may be entirely yours forever.

Harvest Moon, 9/13/2019, Omaha, NE, as it rises above our tree line

How about you? Did you take any photos of the Harvest Moon? I’d love it if you would share them with me. Put them in the Comments section and sign up to keep in touch with us. I hope you have a day of belly laughs and beautiful things.

Saturday Summaries

Today began with watching Gavin at soccer. I haven’t completed all my drawings for the challenge group, I Create Art Daily. While gathering thoughts on catching up, I’m also reflecting on the rest of the week. On Friday, we lost a good friend and a family member.

Our friend Mabel was 95 years old. We met Mabel at the VFW Post. She was the cashier on Hamburger Night. She was pretty fiesty. She outlived both of her husband’s, lost a son, and drove up until about a year and a half ago. I greatly admired her learning Facebook. She liked keeping up with her family and friends. She always posted comments like “OK” or “Sounds good.” She was good fun for sure. We will miss her.

My mother’s last sister passed away Friday also. She lived in Rapid City, SD. She had pancreatic cancer. We will miss her laugh and sense of humor. Her husband, kids, and grandkids will miss much more.

It is strange how life changes so much. I have no aunts left on Mom’s side of the family. My cousins have all lost both their parents. They have one aunt, my mom. On Dad’s side of the family, I have one aunt. Her children still have one aunt, my mom. My dad and all the cousins dad’s are gone too. It has always seemed like we had a fairly big family. It’s dwindling. We must live life and love our people while we have them.

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. It is a beautiful day outside and I’m headed out to draw and catch up on my challenges. Have a beautiful evening! Leave a comment and let us know what you are doing tonight. Thank you for reading.

Friday’s Frontier

As a society, I think we fall prey to thinking any day but the one we’re living is better. How is the last day of the week any better than Monday, Wednesday, Sunday? It isn’t, really.

I believe we are given a chance each and every day to create a day that is beautiful, fulfilling, and memorable. We are in charge of how it goes. Yes, unforseen things happen, that can mess up our plans, schedules, and lives. How we react will tell us how the rest of the day will go. And ultimately, how the rest of our lives will go.

While it’s nice to have someone empathize with our bad luck, we need to be careful. If we come to expect the attention and that empathy turns to sympathy, we could become wallowers. I would prefer to not be a wallower. Why? It’s too easy. All your attention is on misfortune. There remains nothing positive in your life. You find nothing to look forward to. Nothing can spark joy. You spiral downward. You feel sorry for yourself. You become difficult to be around.

Listen to the conversations around you. Are they positive or negative? Full of excuses or reasons? Do you hear blame placing or blame accepting? If you have worked to change which of these you practice, just a few minutes around old friends or family, and you wonder how in the world you listened to all that negativity. Congratulations on getting better, you are making your life positive. Keep going.

Remember, the grass isn’t greener. Yours may just need watering. You can make any day a good one. Try it. Especially on a Monday. Everything will change for the better. You’ll see.

Please leave a comment about staying positive while the people around you may be making it hard. Thank you for reading, and for sharing!

Thursday Already?!?!

Our older granddaughter has started middle school this year. We are helping out by picking her up after school and dropping her at home. It’s working well.

After a few years of seeing her less than before, it is fun to see her more often. She’s always happy when she gets in the car and is a wealth of information. I love her stories. She was talking about how fast time passes. Grandpa and I smile about that. She has no idea. I can’t help but wonder where she will take her life. She is a very smart girl and a very compassionate person. She helps without being asked. She will definitely decide how her life will go. She is strong enough to make good decisions and see them through. We are all proud of her. I’m so lucky to have a primo seat to see what happens next. It’ll be wonderful.

Above, Joell, Addison and Baby Gavin in 2012.
Middle, Gavin and Addison on their first day of school this year.
Below, Joell on his first day of school in Maryland.

These hedges have grown at the same rate Joell has. You used to be able to see over them too!

It would be fun to be able to get Joell from school as well. When we are out visiting, we go with Mom and/or Dad to get him after school. When we visit next will be our first time visiting him as a middle schooler. Where he lives, 6th grade starts middle school. He is the happiest host we’ve ever seen. And he tells you exactly how happy he is when we visit. Joell is in a Spanish Immersion school and classes. I believe everyone can benefit from learning a second language and this will definitely help him in a career choice someday. He will be many steps ahead.

He has a warm and loving heart. It’s really wonderful to feel that kind of love from a pre-teen.

These cousins have grown up together. Yes, they duke it out over things, but they love each other immensely. The love always wins out. I think it will be that way forever. They come from good stock, you know??

Tell me what your grands or kids are doing this year that is new and fun. I’d love to have you share in the comments. Thank you for reading.

Eighteen Years Ago

I know our senses are being overloaded with the images, the cries of, “Never Forget” and you may be tired of it by now. If you weren’t alive then, you need to understand what happened that day. The strongest country in the world was attacked. We were attacked on our soil. That is a huge thing that we never should forget or gloss over. We need to give it the press, the place in history, and the place in our hearts it deserves to have. It was monumental and still is.

Three days earlier, our family had a wedding in Omaha, and two young people started on their journey in life together. One son and fiancee who live in Maryland and have ties to law enforcement in Washington, DC, were back at work after an extended family vacation. Life was normal. I took one son to work at a construction site in Ashland because his car was in the shop. Before getting back on the highway to come home, my husband called me and told me what happened. The tower. The Pentagon. By the time I got home, I sat glued all day to the news that became more unbelievable the more it unfolded. I cried like I hadn’t cried in years. And we weren’t sure where our one son was. Of course, all was well, but he was protecting a building in downtown DC and they had no idea of what had happened or why they were doing what they were doing.

That is how it usually happens. You’re living your best life, then something comes along that shakes us and tests us and drives us back to any church and believing. Then we get comfortable and end up where we are again. Divided and ugly with one another. I will not debate, we all believe what we do. I just want us to be kind to one another again. Still. We really are still in this together. Maybe we would’t survive as well now as we did then. Maybe they would win this time. It’s a horrible thought, one I hope to never see in my lifetime.

Thank you to all of our Military who have labored to keep us safe. On behalf of America, I thank you. Thank you to every person that served, along with their family who sacrifice daily while their loved one is away and following orders. We must remain strong and vigilant militarily. We need to be strong and willing to negotiate. If we are not met with like mindedness, we must respond forcefully and rid the world of the beast.

When I picked my son up that evening and dropped him off to get his car, he hadn’t heard what happened. No radio reception in the area he was working, no cell phones either. I told him what happened, he knew all day something was wrong. He was working in the flight pattern around SAC Headquarters, now the 55th Wing, and he observed all day, not one plane was in the sky. No Air Force, no commercial. The depth and breadth of the severitiy shocked him.

I shared this on Facebook in 2014. I still feel this way today.

It wasn’t about buildings. It wasn’t about airplanes.
It was about cowards who hate my country because their hatred is a veil for their distorted religious beliefs.

My country was shaken, scarred, and suffered terrific losses, for sure. But from the local fire stations and police precincts, they came to rescue. Save lives. Provide help. Not just because it was their jobs, but because it was the right thing to do. They run to danger to help the rest of us.

I honor these people, our service men and women, the Secret Service, search and rescue dogs and their handlers, and all those who sprang into action when it happened. And, God forbid, when it happens again. We are not impenetrable, that we know. But we do good in this world and have a spirit that you cannot keep down.

We have faults, that is for sure. But we have belief in freedom and decency, which will prevail, hopefully long after I’m gone. And we have first responders who help sort out the mess, devastation, and make us feel as all will be OK. Thank you,one and all.

Today, at our grandson Gavin’s school in Papillion, the fifth grade class is learning what happened that day. They are seeing images they need to see in order to comprehend the devastation They need to understand it is not a video game, a blockbuster movie, or a dream. It was a nightmare that our country dealt with. They need to be ready should it ever happen again.

God Bless the schools who know how important our history is. God Bless the new recruit class for the NYFD who are close to graduating. They are survivors of the brave department members who lost their lives that day and in the years following from their unseen injuries and illnesses,

Thank you for reading today. I am grateful you shared some time with me. Please register to keep informed of our progress with writing, and any announcements as they come about. God Bless each of you, and God Bless America.

Taco Tuesdays

It was a good time taking 90 year old Mom to Aksarben Cinema this morning. She wanted to see Lion King. It was a great movie.

I’ve never seen the animated one. Not even on TV. My kids were quite a bit older than the target audience when the first Lion King hit the theater. It was when I was working full time, a part time job, going to school nearly full time, and had 3 kids, with a home to care for. It was pretty busy.

In writing, many tales are retold. There are countless love stories, stories of loss, stories of war, stories of disaster, stories of Kings and kingdoms, and all the things that go with them. Not everyone can author a Harry Potter series or a detective series that could set the world on fire.

We each have our own unique story to tell. Some of us decide to write while others paint, sing, play instruments, or any number of creative endeavors. How will you tell your story or show your colors? Even if you are inspired by a piece of art you’ve seen once, or a book you’ve read inspires you to pen one of your own, show us your interpretation, and mention who you were inspired by.

Have you decided to learn a new skill? Is there something you would like to learn? Try it all. No regrets. You can always change your mind. Just give it a chance. Give yourself a chance.

Thank you for reading!

Busy Mondays

I’ve Got This!?!??

I started working on a project yesterday that I hope to work in tandem with another person to tell a story about the loss of a beloved Grandfather. We both were twelve years old when our Grandpa’s died of massive heart attacks. On Christmas Eve. It will be a grief resource for families. There was no such thing in 1964. We kind of just muddled through it. I remember hearing my mom cry that night. My father was at work and she thought all of us kids were asleep. No one talked about how they felt. It was awful.

So I wrote my take on what happened that night. I have a rough outline, a three part story. More on that later as it comes to fruition.

I’m just fascinated by the second free class I studied today from Paivi Eerola from Finland. It was absolutely stunning. Here are a couple of samples.

From Paivi Eerola’s Class. Isn’t her work mesmerizing?

She has entire class about drawing Animals. They would be great for a children’s book. I am considering it. Practice, practice, practice!

Tomorrow, I’m going to take my mom to see Lion King. She is 90 and asked if we could see it. My cousin and her husband took her to see Dumbo a couple months ago. It was so nice of them.

Mom’s very interested in the animation, special effects, and the animals. She volunteered at our Henry Doorly Zoo as a Docent for 30 years. It should be fun, and I hope her vision, which varies from day to day, is good tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening!