Everyday Joy

Who would think a trip to our local Church on a rainy Sunday morning could spark joy and happiness? It happened, a couple of weeks ago.

The rain was coming down in buckets. We need sometimes need a steady rain, not severe weather. I recently purchased some fun umbrellas from JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store. They were long handled umbrellas with a curved wooden handle. The printed fabric was a white background with vintage sewing pattern people on it. There were also vintage sewing machines, threads, and scissors.

As my husband and I approached the door, a woman and her two granddaughters were serving as greeters. One little girl told the other, “You can have a purple one, this one has people on it!”

I closed the umbrella and showed her all the pictures up close. She was smiling up at me as she said, “I want my Mommy to buy one like that for me!” The happiness on her face was heartwarming!

I was happy, too. It appears I made a new friend that morning. It was a great way to start a Sunday.

I hope you all have something to bring you some Joy today.

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