There is No Place Like Nebraska

In about one hour, another season of college football in Nebraska will begin. Lincoln, NE will hold a huge part of the entire population of the whole state, and the field at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln will be a sea of red.

For the second year, the Cornhuskers will be led by Head Coach Scott Frost. I sincerely hope it is a great year for him as leader of this team. He is quite simply a great human being. He has the values that many Nebraskans were raised with a hundred years ago. Good values do not age. Good values do not go out of style. He expects a lot from his team. He is also willing to give a lot to his team and to the university. The man is a leader. In a time when we need leaders with values, he does us all a great deal of good.

When Coach Frost was a player on the field my daughter gave me a red jersey with the number “7” on it. It’s not official collegiate gear, but that wasn’t the point. I kept it all these years because it represents a time when my daughter was still at home and very much a part of my daily life. As I put the jersey on this morning, I can only hope that someday my daughter will understand the huge love I still feel for her and how empty some days are without her. In September, 2001, she packed up and moved to Colorado. She has married and has my first bio grandchild. That’s huge in Nebraska. I miss them all. There is just not enough time in the day.

Nebraska. No Place Like It.

So I have a hope for everyone anxiously awaiting the debut of Year #2 under Coach Frost:

‘Pay very close attention to what is going on around you today. Your fellow tailgaters, season ticket holders, parking pass prima donnas, house partiers, kids who look up to the players, kids who look up to you and those you love and cherish. This will change. It will go on with the passing of time. Hopefully, the ones you love will never be too far away or too busy, and they will have some good memories of your time together in the great state of Nebraska. There is no family like yours. There is no team like yours. There is no coach like yours. And, there is no place like Nebraska.

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