Welcome, September!

I absolutely love fall. It is a favorite season. The sounds, smells, and sights make me feel cozy and secure. The nearly daily changes in leaves and temperature leave me with a feeling that we have been tested to the limit regarding how darned hot it can get in Nebraska. And God has given us a reprieve on any more sweltering heat. Of course, the Dog Days of Summer are ahead but they won’t last long. I promise!

This blog is my committment to my readers, friends, and family (current and future) and I hope you will stay on this journey of my writing and publishing my own novels and children’s books with me. I will be writing a post every day in September, as I am working to practice writing more, and write about things I know of and things I know nothing of. There are many more things in that last category, trust me.

At the current moment, I have a novella (short novel-32K words) in the hands of two beta readers. They are both published authors and I’m eager to see what they have to say about my work thus far. I had a name for the novel, “This BIG, Old House”. Now I think it should be “These Walls DO Talk”. I like that much better. What do you think?? Post your opinion in a comment and I’ll welcome your feedback.

The story is about a woman who walks through her childhood home and has many memories come back to her about the good events and the events that weren’t so good. She and her sibings were loved by both of their parents. The family curse of alcoholism and verbal abuse also lived in the house and affected each person differently. This story is one person’s story, as they recall it, in their memory.

This BIG, Old House


These Walls DO Talk

Thank you for your time today. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

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