Back to School

The summer went quickly. It always does. I do miss the back to school supplies shopping trips. Supplies, not clothing. The supplies are so pristine, unsullied in their unopened packages. The blunt ended, unsharpened #2 pencils, clean and new college ruled teams of notebook paper are just waiting to receive some words or math problems.

Wait. Do they even use notebook paper anymore? Or is all the work on ChromeBooks or iPads? Well, for a little bit I could smell the crayons and chalk again. Oh, ok. Whiteboards and markers it is. But markers smell terrible!

When the back to school blues have bombarded me, I have sometimes gone out and purchased supplies that were my most favorite, along with a backpack, box of tissues, and a small hand sanitizer, and donated the lot to a back to school collection locally. Local kids will receive the donations, and no one starts out behind. I do wonder what the kids do who don’t have wi-fi at home, when they have homework on their tablets does it count against them if they can’t submit work or papers away from school?

No one prepares you for when the kids are all gone (some far away), your dream of having a bunch of grandkids visiting constantly doesn’t pan out, you both retire but your mate would rather stay home than travel, and you have waited for this freedom your enire adult life but have no example for what might work next. Being retirement age, only responsible for yourselves, and you aren’t close to being “finished”. So where do we go from here?

This is the point to which I have arrived. I’m here. Figuring it out. It’s a big risk to pubish these blogs. It’s fun, though. It’s a bigger risk to post the last couple days worth of primitive drawings I’m inspired to do while in I Art Daily, a 30 Day Intuitive. My friends LeAura Alderson & Devani Anjali Alderson have inspired me to join them in I Create Daily, via FB and email. It’s support from a like group of people. Young, not so young, new artists and not so new artists of all kinds.

Speaking of my friends LeAura and Devani, they used my quote for a meme today. I am tickled pinker than this picture!!

Does this mean I’m published Ma???

During the challenge in March, I wrote 32K words in my book, which we talked about yesterday. BTW, I will call it “These Walls DO Talk”. Thanks to Pat, who voiced an opinion.

So what’s in store? I do want to publish books. For kids, for adults, for anyone who’s kind enough to spend their money and time with me for a bit. If that is ahead of me, great. Otherwise, I’ll be contented to learn along the way. I have the confidence to laugh at myself if I goof, and the courage to just do it. That has been learned and earned in the past 25 years. It doesn’t come easy, but glad it’s in my back pocket.

I hope to see you all tomorrow. Have a great day.

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