Only Put Off Until Tomorrow

. . . what you are willing to die having left undone – Pablo Picasso

I come from a long line of procrastinators. I was not one of them as a kid, a young wife, as a Mom, and especially not as a single Mom of three. There was no honey do list, I had to honey do it myself, not for a handyman, boyfriend, brother, or whatever. I learned how to do things, and my sons were old enough to learn some things.

Frank and Nick were eager to put up a fence at our house on Nicholas Street. We went to a lumber yard in NW Omaha, and bought the wood, piled it in the back of the station wagon along with the appropriate number of bags of concrete to mix up, and drove home. The goods were unloaded and toted to the jobsite, the back yard and patio.

Being the Mean Mom I was, we hand dug the post holes. I was quite poor at the time, and couldn’t afford to rent an auger or whatever they’re called. It was a good lesson to my boys to make do with what you have. They were eager to secure the nice big yard we had, so our mixed breed dog Shadow wouldn’t get away from us and get lost. All through Saturday, those young men dug, dug, dug. They measured all the holes, making sure they were the proper depth. A post was laid next to each hole. One son held the post, the other poured the concrete around the post, and they used the level to make sure the posts were straight.

How did I know how to do this?? By watching in our home growing up. I read directions, watched my dad, and we just all learned to work with our hands. Our heads, too. I’ll never forget looking out the kitchen window as my boys finished the last posts, and it was raining. They had black garbage bags around them while they worked. No picture exists to publish, but it was one of my prouder moments as the Mom and Dad in that home. Their sister Becky told them what a great job they did, as she was too little to help them. Drive by 8818 Nicholas Street sometime and know the fence of which I speak was across the front of the property on both sides, around the patio on the east. and across the entire back side of the lot. That fence will stand until we’re all gone. It was made with determination and love. Thanks, guys. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Fast forward to life now, some 32 years later. I’m retired, remarried, and in pursuit of my best life. I want to publish books, at least a few, and learn to draw. More on those things later (Not a procrastination). I’m stopping to watch a video on drawing. And practicing writing, too. What don’t YOU want to put off until you die, leaving it undone?? Share with me if you’d like, in the comments. We are all in this together. We can do it with determination and love. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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