So Much to Learn

Whenever we try to learn something new, we expand our world. I did that when I learned to sew garments. 1968, my Home Ec teacher was a nun, Sr. Tabitha. She was very strict. I was glad when the year was over.

After that, I could make my own clothes, not what my mother decided I should have. I didn’t get to choose the fabric or pattern. My graduation gift was a sewing machine. (Older brother got money towards a car).

I sewed like crazy. Made my clothes, after I got married, made maternity clothes and baby clothes. It was so much fun creating one of a kind outfits. It took years of practice and patience. Eventually, I made my business suits, formal dance outfits, over thirty bridesmaids dresses, several flower girl dresses, a ring bearer tuxedo, and two bridal gowns.

Our class had an assistant to the teacher who was the mother of other classmates. Ironically, one of the bridesmaids dresses was for a granddaughter of hers. Pretty cool.

My challenge now is to sew something for this lumpy old woman body I now have. I have about a 30 degree scoliosis curvature of the spine. Just glad I’m still walking after a tumor in the spinal column. Along with a very lopsided bustline after a lumpectomy the size of a baseball, it’s a challenge to get a proper fit overall. Add a big weight gain from cancer medication and here we are now. I haven’t worked at new adjustments too hard, but will. I have a great supply of fabrics and thread. Just ask my husband!

After Y2K, I was placed on LTD. I was pretty down in the dumps. I was 48 and could no longer work. At 50, I went on Medicare due to the disability. I needed something to fill my thoughts and make me feel worth something. I watched a few quilting shows on cable. I was hooked.

A very important difference between the sewing part is you must be exact in quilting. There is no wiggle room. Clothing construction is much more forgiving.

Still working on this beauty. It’s 10 years old. I hit a point where I didn’t understand directions, and now, I have enough experience to finish it. It’s been very rewarding.

Learning any new skill takes a lot of practice. It’s hard to keep my brain in check while writing. I have a bunch of ideas for books, but I must finish some before beginning any more. I love the process of creating anything. I really want to get published. I know there will be ups and downs, hits and misses, home runs and strike outs. I cannot do this and be afraid of failure. I look forward to learning more as each step progresses towards publishing. Thank you for walking with me through this exciting time.

What have you always wanted to do but haven’t?? Share in the comments. I’d love to hear your answers.

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