And then . . .

It’s Friday and everyone seems happy. Can’t we get happy on a Tuesday? Monday afternoon? Sure, why not.

Yes, it may be easier to be happy every day when we are retired. Six Saturdays and a Sunday, each and every week. The thing about that, is you are grumbling and hating every other day if the week, at least five days of the week can be wasted. Yes, wasted. If you really want to live and be happy, find things about every other day of the week to love. And really love it. Yes, we all have bad days. Don’t wait to be retired to be happy. Be happy NOW.

I know, parents are busy. Grandparents are busy, too. I think we should be living every day and making time for things that are important, and bring you Joy. Right now, don’t wait until you’re retired. Why?

My dad waited his whole life to retire and enjoy himself. He was a very good provider. He retired at 64, was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died 51 days later. He and my mom booked a tour with his US Army Blackhawk Division veterans group to revisit the route they followed in Patton’s Army to liberate Europe. He died two months before they were to leave.

I had a few more great paragraphs, but hit the wrong key, and they are now in that great cyberspace in the sky. Dangit!

Ain’t Technology Grand Sometimes??

My dad was robbed of his retirement, something he earned. Don’t leave it to chance, start planning what you might be able to do with spare time. Find out about it now. You can change your mind, or add to your list of things to do, but don’t be caught with no idea. Please don’t be a couch potato. You won’t be living your fullest life watching Judge Mathis, Jerry Springer, and Steve Wilkos. No, once in awhile is ok, but not for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, my chronic back pain keeps me from being able to sit and write, sew, draw, or even read 24/7. A bad chair at a lecture or conference can put me out of commission for two or three days. It irks me sometimes. I just want to do way more than I am physically able to. Don’t let this be you. Learn about yourself and your passion now. Get started. Love your life now. While you still can.

Already know what you want to pursue? Comment and share with me. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking. Also, please sign up to receive notices when we publish. It’ll keep you in the loop if you don’t get a chance to see your FB reminders.

Thanks, and have a beautiful day

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