Saturday in Nebraska

There are residents of this great state who are anti-football, especially Nebraska football. I have three of them in my own family. Another doesn’t weigh in because sports don’t matter to him. It’s kind of too bad, really. It’s fun to watch at home, go to a house party and watch the game, or go to a party at the local watering hole. It’s a reason to gather and have fun. Not a thing wrong with that.

When people are just so contrary to the masses on a subject like this, it’s something I don’t understand. Why be so contrary? Why start an argument? Why be so vocal about it? Trying to get attention?

Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost.

Both times I got married, we had to pick a Saturday that was either an away game or a bye week. Yep, it’s that bad here.

Just as these players have support among their fan base, those of us who do creative things need to have people who support us in our endeavors. It’s important to every writer to have readers, for every artist to have a gallery of admirers, and every musician to have fans.

I enjoy supporting my favorites in these categories. I hope you’ll register as a follower of mine so we can keep in touch.

I’m writing a novel, and have two children’s books in the works, and one book for families about loss. I hope you’ll stick around and see my projects to fruition. It’s an exciting and busy time for me right now. I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Are there local writers, artists, or musicians you follow? Share them in the comments so we can all enjoy the works of your favorites, too. Have a good rest of the weekend and Go Big Red!!

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