Today . . . Begin!

Have you thought about what you’d like to contribute to the world? Not in terms of money or volunteering, while those things are important, there are other ways of contributing.

Sitting on the lower patio this morning, I started to think of some things I have read before. I’m one to repost positive memes, because they could be what someone needs to hear that day. And I like them. It helps reinforce me when I’m at a low point. Yes, I have a lot of low points. We all do. When that’s all you have are low points, you need to figure out why. Don’t let them get out of control.

This guy sang while I was writing this.

So a positive meme I like is “Be the woman or man you needed when you were young.”

Chances are, we might have needed more than what our parents could give us, emotionally, not materialistically. I gave my kids different mothering than I received. No one is a perfect person or parent. My kids may have needed more or different from what I could give them. Every generation should try to do better than the one before. Go ahead, not backwards.

I did more drawing stuff today. Listened to the Blue Jay’s squawking from tree to tree all morning. It’s about time for their midtolatemorning rest, it has quieted to peacefulness again.

So aside from cash and things, what could you have used more of from the environment you were raised in?? Moral support, someone to believe in your dreams, support in education, or support to enter a gender-restricted job, which hardly exist anymore.

Share in the comments, and please share your email so we can keep in touch. Today, I’m working on a quilt, working on Draft #1 of a special story about one of my Grandpa’s, organizing what I’d like to do this week, and reading a little. We’ll see when the nap gnomes try and trap me. Will I be strong? Will I keep working? That Robin’s Egg Blue fleece blanket is so tempting.

Tune in tomorrow, for the next exciting installment. And thank you for reading today.

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