Busy Mondays

I’ve Got This!?!??

I started working on a project yesterday that I hope to work in tandem with another person to tell a story about the loss of a beloved Grandfather. We both were twelve years old when our Grandpa’s died of massive heart attacks. On Christmas Eve. It will be a grief resource for families. There was no such thing in 1964. We kind of just muddled through it. I remember hearing my mom cry that night. My father was at work and she thought all of us kids were asleep. No one talked about how they felt. It was awful.

So I wrote my take on what happened that night. I have a rough outline, a three part story. More on that later as it comes to fruition.

I’m just fascinated by the second free class I studied today from Paivi Eerola from Finland. It was absolutely stunning. Here are a couple of samples.

From Paivi Eerola’s Class. Isn’t her work mesmerizing?

She has entire class about drawing Animals. They would be great for a children’s book. I am considering it. Practice, practice, practice!

Tomorrow, I’m going to take my mom to see Lion King. She is 90 and asked if we could see it. My cousin and her husband took her to see Dumbo a couple months ago. It was so nice of them.

Mom’s very interested in the animation, special effects, and the animals. She volunteered at our Henry Doorly Zoo as a Docent for 30 years. It should be fun, and I hope her vision, which varies from day to day, is good tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening!

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