Taco Tuesdays

It was a good time taking 90 year old Mom to Aksarben Cinema this morning. She wanted to see Lion King. It was a great movie.

I’ve never seen the animated one. Not even on TV. My kids were quite a bit older than the target audience when the first Lion King hit the theater. It was when I was working full time, a part time job, going to school nearly full time, and had 3 kids, with a home to care for. It was pretty busy.

In writing, many tales are retold. There are countless love stories, stories of loss, stories of war, stories of disaster, stories of Kings and kingdoms, and all the things that go with them. Not everyone can author a Harry Potter series or a detective series that could set the world on fire.

We each have our own unique story to tell. Some of us decide to write while others paint, sing, play instruments, or any number of creative endeavors. How will you tell your story or show your colors? Even if you are inspired by a piece of art you’ve seen once, or a book you’ve read inspires you to pen one of your own, show us your interpretation, and mention who you were inspired by.

Have you decided to learn a new skill? Is there something you would like to learn? Try it all. No regrets. You can always change your mind. Just give it a chance. Give yourself a chance.

Thank you for reading!

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