Thursday Already?!?!

Our older granddaughter has started middle school this year. We are helping out by picking her up after school and dropping her at home. It’s working well.

After a few years of seeing her less than before, it is fun to see her more often. She’s always happy when she gets in the car and is a wealth of information. I love her stories. She was talking about how fast time passes. Grandpa and I smile about that. She has no idea. I can’t help but wonder where she will take her life. She is a very smart girl and a very compassionate person. She helps without being asked. She will definitely decide how her life will go. She is strong enough to make good decisions and see them through. We are all proud of her. I’m so lucky to have a primo seat to see what happens next. It’ll be wonderful.

Above, Joell, Addison and Baby Gavin in 2012.
Middle, Gavin and Addison on their first day of school this year.
Below, Joell on his first day of school in Maryland.

These hedges have grown at the same rate Joell has. You used to be able to see over them too!

It would be fun to be able to get Joell from school as well. When we are out visiting, we go with Mom and/or Dad to get him after school. When we visit next will be our first time visiting him as a middle schooler. Where he lives, 6th grade starts middle school. He is the happiest host we’ve ever seen. And he tells you exactly how happy he is when we visit. Joell is in a Spanish Immersion school and classes. I believe everyone can benefit from learning a second language and this will definitely help him in a career choice someday. He will be many steps ahead.

He has a warm and loving heart. It’s really wonderful to feel that kind of love from a pre-teen.

These cousins have grown up together. Yes, they duke it out over things, but they love each other immensely. The love always wins out. I think it will be that way forever. They come from good stock, you know??

Tell me what your grands or kids are doing this year that is new and fun. I’d love to have you share in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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