Friday’s Frontier

As a society, I think we fall prey to thinking any day but the one we’re living is better. How is the last day of the week any better than Monday, Wednesday, Sunday? It isn’t, really.

I believe we are given a chance each and every day to create a day that is beautiful, fulfilling, and memorable. We are in charge of how it goes. Yes, unforseen things happen, that can mess up our plans, schedules, and lives. How we react will tell us how the rest of the day will go. And ultimately, how the rest of our lives will go.

While it’s nice to have someone empathize with our bad luck, we need to be careful. If we come to expect the attention and that empathy turns to sympathy, we could become wallowers. I would prefer to not be a wallower. Why? It’s too easy. All your attention is on misfortune. There remains nothing positive in your life. You find nothing to look forward to. Nothing can spark joy. You spiral downward. You feel sorry for yourself. You become difficult to be around.

Listen to the conversations around you. Are they positive or negative? Full of excuses or reasons? Do you hear blame placing or blame accepting? If you have worked to change which of these you practice, just a few minutes around old friends or family, and you wonder how in the world you listened to all that negativity. Congratulations on getting better, you are making your life positive. Keep going.

Remember, the grass isn’t greener. Yours may just need watering. You can make any day a good one. Try it. Especially on a Monday. Everything will change for the better. You’ll see.

Please leave a comment about staying positive while the people around you may be making it hard. Thank you for reading, and for sharing!

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