Saturday Summaries

Today began with watching Gavin at soccer. I haven’t completed all my drawings for the challenge group, I Create Art Daily. While gathering thoughts on catching up, I’m also reflecting on the rest of the week. On Friday, we lost a good friend and a family member.

Our friend Mabel was 95 years old. We met Mabel at the VFW Post. She was the cashier on Hamburger Night. She was pretty fiesty. She outlived both of her husband’s, lost a son, and drove up until about a year and a half ago. I greatly admired her learning Facebook. She liked keeping up with her family and friends. She always posted comments like “OK” or “Sounds good.” She was good fun for sure. We will miss her.

My mother’s last sister passed away Friday also. She lived in Rapid City, SD. She had pancreatic cancer. We will miss her laugh and sense of humor. Her husband, kids, and grandkids will miss much more.

It is strange how life changes so much. I have no aunts left on Mom’s side of the family. My cousins have all lost both their parents. They have one aunt, my mom. On Dad’s side of the family, I have one aunt. Her children still have one aunt, my mom. My dad and all the cousins dad’s are gone too. It has always seemed like we had a fairly big family. It’s dwindling. We must live life and love our people while we have them.

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. It is a beautiful day outside and I’m headed out to draw and catch up on my challenges. Have a beautiful evening! Leave a comment and let us know what you are doing tonight. Thank you for reading.

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