Meaningful Mondays

Good morning!

Have you had enough coffee yet? I’m good for now, and lately it’s been so hot in the afternoons, I may just make some iced tea for later.

Traditionally, I believe the humid days of September are much hotter and worse than the humid days of August. I have no proof for such a proclamation, it’s just me. When I was younger and couldn’t afford air conditioning all summer, I really thought I was suffering on a humid summer day.

I do think it’s all about conditioning. As kids, we lived in older, tree lined neighborhoods. There were more breezes. Until about 2005, I lived in a home with a lot of trees and shade, and it was certainly bearable. Then we moved “out west”. A/K/A the suburbs.

It was then I discovered the hot prarie wind blew all the time. The trees were only about four feet high. Not a lick of shade. None. Zippo. Nada. Hotter than blue blazes!

We also had no cardinals or bluejays to feed. They must not have been able to find any safe place to build a nest. It took about 5 – 7 years to see any, even with filling the feeders. The bird we had plenty of were finches. Reddish house finches which were on fire! And my favorites, the Gold Finches. They were the most brilliant yellow I’ve ever seen. I made this quilt which still needs to be layered, pinned, and quilted. It’s on a to do list.

Goldfinch Quilt, which is waiting to be machine quilted with gold metallic thread.

Closeup of the variations in fabric. I love batiks, and this has some favorite pieces in it. It will be a project for winter.

And I also discovered we had no squirrels. Our old dogs, Mocho and Mollie loved to chase the squirrels at our old house. At about ten years of living in the suburbs did the trees achieve enough growth to cast shadows for shade and house squirrels. It was heavenly. Just ask the dogs!

When those two crossed the Rainbow Bridge together, the squirrels were bored. They stopped chattering. Finally, we adopted two puppies, sisters, and one of them, Roxie, the one we lost this summer, must have had enough hunting dog in her (from the Basset Hound or Lab) to lie on her belly, legs spread out to her sides, and stare up at the tree studying the squirrel chattering down at her. She would sit like this for hours! It was fun to watch. We miss our Roxie and her antics.

Which direction are you headed this morning? This week? The rest of this year?? Share with me in the comments. We can achieve our goals together by sharing our dreams. It’s more fun with a friend along. Thank you for reading today, and have a fabulous week!

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