Sunday Funnies and Fabulous Friday!

I’m combining the original blog from Friday with a story for today that came up on my FB memories today. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


A year ago, I was home alone with the dogs. We hadn’t lost Roxie yet. Roxie was being naughty so I put her in her kennel. Lexie was being good, so I let her lay on our bed. I always put my clean clothes on the bed in a little stack. I did again that day. When I came out of the bathroom, this is what I saw. Lexie, wearing my bra! Now, how does that happen?? I wish I could have seen her wriggling around and how she ended up like this. She didn’t look at me all day, and was pretty aloof if not embarassed. This is why I love dogs, they truly are part of the family!

Lexie, the day she decided to wear my bra. Silly puppy!!


You can definitely have bad luck on any day of your life, not just Friday the 13th. It’s been the topic of many a horror movie, haunted house, and movie villain personalities for a long time. For some reason, some people just love to be scared out of their wits. I prefer not to be. I also am not an amusement park ride person. I sit on a bench and hold everyone’s coats, purses, and souvenirs. If you haven’t eaten your ice cream cone, it won’t be waiting for you when you get back. By the time you wait in line, ride the ride, exit the ride, it would be melted anyway. Ice cream is the answer to any problem there is. And I will enjoy it for you.

One of the things I love about fall is the colors. The leaves are barely turning now, but in a couple weeks they will be well on their way. It’s a dance that is performed every year. Maybe it’s Gods way of rewarding us for the long, hot summer. Whatever it is, if you live in a four season area, you’re in for a treat.

Nebraska truly is in the middle of the country. I know there will be a beautiful Harvest Moon tonight, and some folks are concerned they won’t be able to see it. I will be able to and I can only hope to get a good photo of it. That’s part of the wonderment of nature. It will be in your mind’s eye, and you just hope you can capture it to share. You will always have the vision, and it may be entirely yours forever.

Harvest Moon, 9/13/2019, Omaha, NE, as it rises above our tree line

How about you? Did you take any photos of the Harvest Moon? I’d love it if you would share them with me. Put them in the Comments section and sign up to keep in touch with us. I hope you have a day of belly laughs and beautiful things.

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