What a great word. What a great way to describe how we feel today. Woke up at 9:15! That never happens!!

When we still had Roxie, Lexie woke up between 4:30 am and 6:00 am. Dan got up with both dogs and stayed up. I’d get up by 7am. Today was dark and rainy. Perfect sleeping late weather. We do it so seldom it felt good.

So today will be a discombobulated day. It will be short, but I still need to accomplish something. My quilt still isn’t finished, today will be the perfect day to work on it more. I hope it goes smoothly, allowing me to make good progress.

Doing quilting at the two joining seams today and hoping to piece together the side and bottom boarders. Wish me luck!

I did get the quilting on the two middle seams done. It took about three hours. So I’m taking a break from quilting for a couple minutes to get Addison after school. It’s fun, watching the kids. I’m seeing about a 1979 Cougar in line to pick a boy up. It’s a cool car, and I don’t recall one this shade of blue. It’s probably not a stock color. Cars were still pretty cool back then. I’ll bet this kid feels pretty cool being seen getting into this one. How fun.

How did you get back and forth to school? We walked in K – 8. We had elementary and high school, no junior high or middle school. We took a special city bus to and from high school. It was good fun on the bus.

Tell us about your transportation in a comment, and sign up for future events. Thank you for reading.

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