Fabulous Friday!

This week has been a good one. I hope yours has been too. Is your weather still acting like summer? Ours is, today it is in the high 80’s, and the humidity is still sticky.

Lexie is relaxing with her favorite toy.

So still plugging away at that quilt today. Shouldn’t be a hard one to finish. I’ll probably have it on the bed next week. Just quite glad to finish stuff.

The further I go down this road, the more overwhelmed I feel some days. I want to learn writing. I want to learn drawing and illustrate my children’s books. I swear, Facebook does know your thoughts!

Lots of videos about Watercolor and drawing to view over the weekend. Then, back to writing next week. I want to get my creative thoughts organized before going a lot further and not accomplishing what I want.

Any other authors who are self publishing?

These should come in handy.

If I get stuck, I’ll have to call someone. It isn’t just the writing. I read something this week that referred to seven edits before publishing. SEVEN! Would there even be any words left to read??

Maybe I need some sort of mentor who can answer all my questions. I do belong to several online writers groups, but of course, they are all beyond my abilities and knowledge. It’s part of learning. It feels good to know what I don’t know and know what I will know once I learn what I don’t know now. Clear as mud.

It’s all part of the learning curve with anything new. Baby steps. I hope I have enough time. My mantra is:

It’s not too late and I’m not too old!

Or is it

I’m not too old and its not too late!

Which one sounds better?? I think #2. Please weigh in with a comment. I’m so happy you spent a few minutes to read my blog. Have a beautiful day.

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