My Happy Place

My Happy Place feels like . . .

I talk a lot about the wetland behind our home. It’s full of trees, which cannot be touched, and a small trickle of a creek. We have never gone back into the trees, I imagine there are a lot of ticks, spiders, and poison ivy. It feels like being on vacation.

When the leaves all fall, you can see turkeys and foxes, even a coyote once in awhile. After a good snow, then it clings to the tree trunks and branches. It’s very pretty.

Whatever the season, I’m captivated by the view. There is a lot to see, and even more life you cannot see. It always continues, regardless of the season. This is one reason I find it special.

Black Hills Gold. My kids have me the Mother’s Ring. October, November, and January are their birthdays.

Trees and leaves have always been a fascination for me. My two favorite rings are Black Hills Gold. They have leaves, grapes, and grapevines in some of their designs. On our last trip through South Dakota, we discovered the jewelry would no longer be made. That really is a shame, the skills and artisanship will be lost forever. I find that very sad.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, America saw many of their industries close and/or go bankrupt. I was in Community College at the time. They had just stopped the “Technical” from their name and curicculem so they could compete better.

Textile Mills, Auto Manufacturing, and the electronics industries were a few that were cheaper to manufacture overseas. Very little is Made in the USA anymore. It’s hard to find a good plumber, electrician, or carpenter anymore. They are highly skilled and trained professionals. They deserve to be paid their scale wage. You wouldn’t expect an MD to give you a discount because you only needed to have them check out your rash, would you??

Back in the day, families who knew each other traded those skills among each other. The skilled craftsman bartered with each other for the skills. My dad could fix cars, electricity, do carpentry, and minor plumbing repairs. Most families cannot do that anymore.

In the 1980’s, the motto was, “You can make more money sitting down than you can standing up.” Thus began the computer age.

I have seen people unable to think their way through some minor problem, especially making change. The computer tells them. It’s as if common sense doesn’t stop at everyone’s house now. People are impatient to wait for grass to grow. Instead of seeding a yard for grass, sod is laid. It’s easier but way more expensive.

We need to get back to having tech training. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians and those folks need people to carry on these skills. We learned the hard way that we will always need tradespeople. We are lying to ourselves if we don’t remember the lesson. I just hope we can catch up. Before it’s too late.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for your time.

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