Sometimes, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

I have been working kinda sorta hard to finish a quilt I’ve been working on for quite a few years. I stopped when the technique was new and difficult.

A couple years ago, I joined a quilting group on Facebook that challenged all members to finish their UFO’s. No, has nothing to do with Area 51, Aliens or anything. They are simply UnFinished Objects. The quilt I’ve affectionately named “The Beast, ” is messing with my head today. I made a king sized instead of full sized, so I had to adjust for that. No big deal.

I had random pieces of fabric cut that needed piecing. No big deal. Unless your 67 year old self decides to procrastinate like an adolescent girl and waste time. I could have done two quilts in the amount of time I’ve wasted. I’ve become the world’s best Solitaire player in the meantime. Right now, I’m rolling my eyes at myself. In my mind.

So, as of right now, the jig is up! I have one long boarder ready to quilt. I’m ready to piece batting for the other long side. Then it will be ready to quilt. Then the short boarder for the bottom of the quilt. The end is in sight. I’m grounded from FB and Solitaire until further notice! Another eye-roll. In my mind, of course.

So, finally ready to attach the second long side and then I need to quit so we can go get our granddaughter from school. A very welcome break, and I promise, I will concentrate and get back on it as soon as we get home. Promise. Seriously.

I will get back to writing on my books probably by Thursday morning, when I’m done with all the machine work on the quilt. It’ll give me a chance to clean up the sewing part of the studio.

Thank you for reading. How do you sabotage yourself? We all do it. It’s the human part of our nature. Leave a comment, and please like my blog, along with my FB page, Kathy Raabe, Author.

Have a great evening. Hope I’m not grounded later.

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