When I’m 64 . . .

Good Wednesday morning! After another night of torrential rain, we are still standing. In a couple of months we will be hoping precipitation falls as snow, not ice. An early ice storm can stay on the ground for the entire winter, making it more dangerous to walk, drive, and breathe.

I can’t help but think about the seasons of families as we look to fall this year.

The spring bursts forth as a young family begins. So much wonderment and growth. A career or two are growing also. In the summer, the family is bombarded with so much change and growth, it’s hard to keep up. Fall finds them reaping the benefits of steadfastness. Kids go off to college and trade schools. In winter, the house is quiet save for the blare of the TV. My grandma always had it on for noise, to hear another voice after my grandpa died.

I believe I’m peeking at this view now. How long will the winter last? ( How long will I live?) Will it be a hard winter? (Will I fight difficult illnesses?) Will the harsh winds be unrelenting with paralyzing loss? (Will I outlive loved ones and feel the harshness of bone crushing isolation?) I certainly hope not. We can only hope we have a lot of years left before winter really hits.

A very strange thing happens when you turn 65. Suddenly, your doctor has to ask you at every visit, “Have you fallen in the past year?” You may receive letters from your insurance company stating, “You may need to check with your physician about the medication you take xxxyyyzzz. It can cause adverse reaction in elderly people.

Wait a minute. I took this stuff at 64 years and 51 weeks old. You gonna tell me 14 days later I’m elderly and an adverse reaction will happen?? Wow. Has common sense also aged out of the world??

So no, I haven’t fallen and my meds aren’t making me do weird things. Yet. I can only pray my kids and stepkids will be kind to me when that starts to happen. I think they will be. Our blended family has a vast mix of talented, good people who are all very caring. Dan and I are very lucky.

So here’s to you and your families in whichever season is upon you. You do miss those hectic days, believe me. With some effort, I’m hoping the winter season ahead of me is my best yet.

What season are you experiencing now? Are you preparing yourself for your next one? Leave a comment and weigh in. And thank you for reading.

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