Scrumptious Saturday

At soccer with Gavin today.

I must say it’s a game I don’t know a lot about. Not touching the ball with your hands is a big deal. OK. Girls didn’t play sports when I was just, except volleyball in grade school. High school was only tennis.

I’m glad that has changed. Girls are just as capable and should learn all the lessons that go with team sports.  Boys learned a long time ago if they don’t like Johnny but Johnny can hit a home run every time at bat, they want Johnny in their team. Period.

Girls used to have a harder time with this. If you didn’t like Susie, you didn’t care what she could do, you shunned her. So did your friends. No way to be a team player. I hope mean girls become a thing of the past. It’s awful to be the odd girl out. I know. I was.

Grandpa Dan and Gavin

After lunch we went to the Omaha Zoo. It is beautiful. No wonder it’s the #1 zoo in the world!

We just saw the giraffes, elephants, other hoof stock, and the beautiful grounds before we ran out of steam.

Decorated for Halloween
The grounds at Omaha Zoo

And now, we are waiting for the game to come on. It will be a bit, and somewhere in there, we’ll be grilling hot dogs for dinner.

What have you done today that was fun? Comment and know how much I appreciate you reading today. Enjoy your evening.

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