Today, I’m amazed and grateful for the incredible knowledge in the medical field, specifically cardiac care.

Since I met my husband in 1996, he has had numerous stents done and a quadruple bypass. Some cardio doctors have the expertise to do stents or even valve replacements through the wrist. Isn’t that amazing?

Technology is partly responsible. Research has yielded so many breakthroughs and the technology follows suit.

I am old enough to remember the term “exploratory surgery”. Those words were spoken in hushed tones and with looks of deep concern. There was due cause for concern, because it meant they would make an incision in the area of concern, and explore until they discovered whatever was the problem.

In our new world, CT Scans, MRI’s, Echo Cardiograms and a host of other tests can give pre-op diagnosis in a very accurate way. Knowledge has helped doctors be so much more precise and less invasive during surgeries.

I believe knowledge helps me be a better patient. People are in a position to be active in their health decisions, treatments, and recoveries.

The human body, it’s anatomy, and physiology, just amaze me. God created a wonder.

Just watch a baby grow up! Watch how they puzzle over things. Watch them smile and respond to familiar people.

Watch a child start school. Watch how they learn to be kind to their classmates. Watch them as they read or work math problems. Talk with them. Let them ask you questions. Watch them as you answer their questions. They are little sponges that absorb everything! Be sure to give them good things to absorb.

As we begin October, I hope we all have a beautiful fall. Omaha has lots of rain on tap for today. Praying no one gets flooded out again!

Leave a comment about what you marvel at in this modern world. And leave comments on topics you’d like to see me write about. There could be a prize for you if your topic is chosen. Thank you for reading!

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