The Blind Broom Salesman

In the city of Omaha, since I was a young girl, there was a blind black man who made brooms. He made his living selling the brooms. He didn’t have a store, or a kiosk at the mall. He carried his goods over his shoulder and got on a city bus, and rode to neighborhoods all over town.

In those old days, there were door to door salesmen. Most women did not work outside the home, so they had a convenience with the salesmen who called on them at home.

Omaha’s Treasure, The Blind Broom Salesman

He never got lost, no one ever hurt him, and I don’t believe anyone ever stole from him. And he gave us so much more than various brooms for household duties. He taught lessons on being grateful, uncluttered, giving, and doing what we love in life.

When I first received this book, I was disappointed that a counselor took his story and used it to tell another story. I was not disappointed at all at how she told his story.

What a beautiful legacy Livingston Wills left to the city of Omaha. A fundraiser has collected enough money to cast bronze statue of Rev. Mr. Livingston. I am sure he would be overwhelmed at the outpouring. I do not think he would find it necessary.

This is an article from our newspaper about the project and the Reverend. Page down to see eleven photos that tell the story quite well.

If we all could just stop and really understand this humble man and his philosophy, our lives would be so different. We would have good, positive attitudes. We would be generous with each other.

He did a very simple thing that was very difficult. He trusted the Universe. He believed in the goodness of people. And we should too. Yes, there are bad people, scoundrels we should watch out for. The majority of people are good souls, much like ourselves.

I would highly recommend this book. I’d recommend it for everyone over the age of 12. I may get a copy for our oldest grandchildren. A blueprint for living.

Leave a comment, have you been inspired by a book like this? Is there one you would like your kids to share?

And comment about topics you would like to have me write about. It could be worth a prize if you are chosen!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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