Early for this . . .

Today was spend time with Mom day. As I’ve told you before, Mom is now 90 years old and still in her home. Her last living sister passed away on Friday, September 13. My cousins are convinced she will haunt them for sure.

Something else about Mom and her three sisters and their mother before them: they are all Christmas Decorating freaks. And I do mean freaks. As in lots of decorations, lots of themes, very festive.

Since Mom has a large home with a huge attic for storage, she at once had sixteen trees up and decorated in her house from October 31 until February 1. Yes, it could be considered excessive. It makes her happy. And keeps her busy. It keeps her active but she is slowing down a lot.

So today was a pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby to look at their Christmas decorations. Oh boy, it’s early for that. She found a few she liked and some new woodland creatures. She does theme trees, like all NFL players, all Santa’s, all Snowmen, all Harley Davidson ornaments, etc. On the way to the car, she said the woodland creatures could mean another tree. Oh boy!

Over the years, she has said she will consolidate. Ok, so she donated three small trees from the dining room but bought one bigger tree to replace it. Not my idea of consolidation, but it is hers.

Every year, Mom says it could be the last time she gets to decorate. Some day, it will be her last time. So until then, we need to humor her and make sure she decorates safely. No ladders or stepstools. No carrying up and down the stairs. She is stubborn, though. She has limited vision so it makes it hard to see her masterpieces, but she just enjoys the lights.

I hope she can continue to do this insane decorating. It’s still something from old times that she has. My brothers and I will have a lot for donations or passing down. In the meantime, we’ll try to keep her from buying out all of Hobby Lobby’s stock.

How soon do you start to decorate for Christmas? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. And thank you for reading.

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