Almost Midweek??

Have you had a good week so far?

We have. Part of having a good week is getting things done. My studio is somewhat straightened up. That always makes me smile and gets the creativity going.

I’m collecting short writing books to browse and folders with my current works in progress, my Chromebook and old fashioned paper and pens. I’m taking those with me to Aurora, Nebraska for the Nebraska Writers Guild Fall Conference. I hope to learn lots of new things to help on this journey to publication.

The NWG Spring Conference had an overabundance of romance writers attending. It was great for them because the speakers were a group of romance writers known as The Writing Gals. Much of their advice applied to any genre. It was a good intro to the writing guild. But I want to hear from fiction writers.

There is always stuff to do to get ready to leave town. Dan and Lexie will stay home and watch their fill of football and other things. She adores him and doesn’t seem to notice if I’m away. Saturday night, I’ll be lucky if I still have a spot in the bed.

The weather should be perfect for being at a conference center with a bunch of other writers learning and writing. Hope they have fireplaces to help set the mood.

One task we need to do tomorrow is get all the plants inside so they don’t freeze Friday night. Some are bulbs that can winter in a brown paper bag and be planted again in the spring. This is the first time I’ve been successful at growing Elephant Ears. It was an exciting summer for the flower garden.

So as one season winds down, we prepare for another. I’m ready to hunker in. I think the conference will give some time to map out how I want to spend November, NaNoWriMo, and December. I’m also determined not to be a humbug this year. Last year was the first Christmas since 1970 that I haven’t put up a Christmas Tree. I just didn’t feel it. No one came home, and the in town grandkids were very busy all month, so it just was. . . I’ll find the word at some point in time.

How about you? Comment what you need to take care of before winter comes.

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