Good Old Autocorrect

If you write anything from poetry to fiction to business reports, you know how autocorrect tries to read your thoughts and anticipate which word you will type next. At times, it’s great.

Most of the time, it’s just no, I’m human and smarter than you are, you silly machine. Now, a lot of people cannot spell to save their soul. No shame in that.

Autocorrect, it is not what I was thinking.

My husband has trouble with spelling, but is a whiz at construction calculations, inventory, financial reports, etc. I am not. We all have different skills and talents, so just use your talents and please don’t criticize others for not being capable of what you can do. They may be great at what you cannot do.

Some autocorrect doozies? Autocorrect may not be able to phrase what you would like stated.

Have you ever had something outrageous show up from autocorrect?? Tell me in the comments, and we will have a good laugh. We all have them. C’mon. We’re among friends.

By the way, I’m heading to Aurora to attend the Nebraska Writers Guild Fall Conference for a couple of days. I’ll be reporting first hand, so check back tomorrow evening. It’ll be a cozy, hunkered in/down weekend.

Go Big Red! Scott Frost and his team deserve our support and respect.

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