Super Saturday

It’s another hour before business begins today. Lots of busy people, coffee, breakfast, getting to breakout classes. I love to be around these people who love to read and write.

The Keynote Speaker was an incredible woman who has written and Directed documentary scripts. She has MS, the same terrible condition that took Dan’s mother. There is no worse thing than seeing a vital, vibrant person slowly have their mobility stolen from them.


Dan’s mother, for all of her health issues, had the most positive attitude I have witnessed. She continually told people around her that they were better off than most people were. And she meant it.

Liz with Dan and me on our wedding day. She was still able to walk in 1998, but needed a cane or walker

She always welcomed visitors. People were drawn to her. This helped greatly with her attitude. I’m sure she had some bad days. Humans always do. Losing your dignity is so dehumanizing. She took it in stride.

Later Saturday, home from Aurora.

The rest of the today was informative. And everyone was tired. It’s a lot to take in. The crowd was more middle aged women this time, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Having attended and felt like odd man out last spring, this just felt like some good connections started. I’m looking forward to what the next six months bring.

What are you looking forward to? Share in the comments after you like my blog. Have a restful evening. After the Husker game, that is. Go Big Red!!

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