The world of the internet/world-wide web/online everything is absolutely wonderful, convenient, and a real time saver.

When it’s used correctly.

We think we can trust some vendors, and when we discover we have chosen a vendor who scams you, it’s a disappointment.

A company called Writers Life had a FB ad for this sign, free, just pay shipping. Didn’t sound bad. I liked their page and entered my credit card number.

I received the sign, and things were fine. I received daily emails, and saw they were pretty active.

Awhile later, there was an audio lesson plots, $9.95. I thought “Why not??” I still haven’t listened to it.

In August, I see a charge for $67.73. Wrong!

I called their 866 number and talked with a woman who said it would be reversed in 7 – 10 business days. OK. Never happened.

In September, the bill comes. No credit. And another charge, $67.73. I call the credit card company. They are giving me credit for both. I have cancelled my credit card because I have a feeling I’ll be charged again.

If you Google “”, you will see the complaints about the company. Please check them out before you buy from them. I won’t anymore!

I am sharing this just to save any of you who may have a similar experience. It is fraud, and they need to be outed.

Has anyone had a good experience with them? Please share with me so I can set the record straight. If you have another story like my experience, please share also. It would be great if their scamming could be stopped.

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate it!

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