A Cold, Windy Tuesday

Wow! What a busy week already. We made a trip to Dan’s surgeon today. He looked at the unhealed incision and said it looked good. Continue with the wound vac and come back in two weeks. Tomorrow, the nurse will come and repack the wound, and we’ll start again on the healing journey.

So, that said, I also had my mom for a trip to the hairdresser. It’s always good when you feel good and put together. A good haircut does that for men and women. Suffice to say Mom should be good until Christmas Eve Day when we’re scheduled to get another haircut.

My cousin from California messaged me earlier tonight with a photo of a framed picture from our Grandmother’s home. Her sister Anna lived with the family. Great Aunt Anna gave my aunt a beautiful picture framed in downtown Omaha. The framer is no longer there. It was neat to hear him say how he loved that framed artwork and always wished he could have it. His mother is now living with him, and she presented it to him tonight. How wonderful.

I love when people value special things like that. Something from Grandma’s and Great Aunt’s home was so special a little boy who lived in California remembered this item and thought it would be nice to have.

It seems the next generation may not have any interest in inheriting any Doo-dads from my home. In a way, I find that sad.  We are a blended household, so I know Dan’s kids won’t want any of my Aunt Cynthia’s glass bowls and my kids won’t want any of his Grandma Meirose’s bird salt and pepper shakers.

Maybe it’s all part of the minimalistic movement. Just because you have something from Grandma’s home doesn’t mean you are materialistic. Many items spur pleasant memories. What’s wrong with that?

Not a darned thing. Unless you have all of Grandma’s stuff crammed into your 1000 square foot house along with yours, Uncle Henry’s, and Aunt Jane’s. At some point, things can take the place of people in your life. You become detached from humans and attached to stuff. The stuff takes over, nothing is clean, including you, and it’s a very sad situation. Hoarders are not something to laugh about. A reality show on A & E is not to be thought a dramatization, but it is really how they live and feel. The reality of how dire their situation is cannot be grasped.

If you add hoarding to alcohol and drug abuse, chances are extremely low that both excesses can become under control. It may take years, and with hard work, it would be phenomenal.

If you have any comments, please leave them below. And add a like. You will have two chances on my NaNoWriMo Drawing. On December 1, I’ll draw for a $50 gift card. Will you enter to win?? Hope so.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it. See you tomorrow!

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