Laid Back Saturday

Yes, date night was a success. It starts with a Babe (a/k/a Dan) and his wife, (Moi). We just have fun. If you want an out of the way place that is a dive bar, go to Buck’s. Dan had prime rib, I had a filet. Both were very delicious, and $22, $20, respectively. Typical mid-western full plate of food. Meat, Potatoes, Salad, Hot Veggies. No wonder John Denver wrote, “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy!”

Jimmy Weber, Singing “Thank God, I’m a Country Boy”

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a ringside seat/view of the performers. The venue is pretty small, and you take whatever table is open for dinner and probably end up there for the entertainment. We had a table behind a small wall. Could hear well, but couldn’t see. I still took many photos and videos. Unfortunately, Dan still quite a bit of leg pain when he sits for any amount of time. He toughed it out until the headliner, Ray Scott, did about two songs. We just couldn’t stay any longer. Sorry Ray, maybe next time!

A sweet couple requested a song and were serenaded by Jimmy singing “Wichita Lineman.”

Wichita Lineman

Jimmy and Ken Sitler performed a couple of songs. Ken is a fellow Air Force Veteran with Jimmy and they do make great music together.

Jimmy always opens his shows with the Star Spangled Banner, and ends with “Taps, God is Nigh.” Jimmy and a couple friends wrote some beautiful additions to the original lyrics of Taps and I’ve included it here.

“Taps – God is Nigh”

If you ever get to see these people, go! You will be glad you did. I love music that makes me happy. This did.

Today, it was back to Puppy Training Class, and it was fun. The Babe told me to look at how much all the puppies grew since last week! Goldie went from being the biggest to being the smallest! I wonder what the next week will bring?? This class goes four weeks, and a lot of it seems pretty fast, but it’s to keep the attention of a puppy, then let them all play as reward at the end.

We love having Goldie. That said, it’s really a full time job keeping up with her. She was really tired on the way home and fell asleep on Dan’s chest. I think she had too much fun chasing and playing with the dogs. We’re learning a lot about teaching her things, and it’s a shame we never had the time or resources to do this for the other dogs we’ve had. I hope she continues to learn at the rate she has been. She’ll be a genius dog!

Once we returned home from Puppy training, we had lunch and just relaxed. It was so nice, not having to be anywhere else. The Nebraska Game was good, and now, here we are relaxing some more. I have the feeling next week should fly by – speaking of flying, we need to get a turkey. (Remember WKRP in Cincinnati??) Cooking will be in order.

And starting Friday, the holiday madness will begin. Don’t get bogged down in it. Do what you can do, and leave the rest. Spend time with your family, you will never regret it. Scale back on demands this time of year. Spend time just relaxing and petting your dog. It’s why we have two of them!

What are you looking forward to doing this holiday season?? Comment below, like the post, and I’ll enter you in the NaNoWriMo giveaway I’m having on December 1, 2019. You can increase your chances by catching up on all the blogs for November, you’ll have 60 chances to win!!

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it very much. See you tomorrow!

Goldie is down for the count. Until tomorrow!!

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