And the Winner Is . . .

All the Names Went in this lovely vase.

The winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card is Pat Riedmann!! Pat, I’ll pm you about sending your Gift Card. Thank you to everyone who commented and liked the blog. I hope you keep reading now that the contest is over. There will be giveaways periodically as I get closer to publishing my book and you just need to keep reading to make sure you know when they are. I appreciate everyone’s interest. Congratulations, Pat! I will be in touch.

So, I did go a few words over 50K. It was exciting considering there were a lot of life things happening that got in the way, as they should. Dan, the Babe, is feeling much better since the wound vac has been eliminated. Nurse Kathy here gets to check the remaining wound, clean it out, and bandage it twice a day. I don’t mind it and I’m just glad he’s feeling better. It’s hard to adjust, but you have to do it. You committed to that other human being as you professed your love, and it becomes part of the fabric of your life. And he’s worth it.

There is something about spending 24/7 together once you’re retired and one of you is ill. It does get on your nerves. You love them to death, and sometimes, you just don’t think you want to be in the same room with them, or same house as them, and you need a break. Chances are, the other person does, too. Take the breaks. Get refreshed. And start care giving again. Too many people do not, and get rundown, catch viruses, and it makes things worse. If I care about you, I’m doggedly committed to making sure you get well. I will follow the directions to get to the expected result. No slacking. Period. Yes, many guys think that’s being a pain.

So, what am I going to do now, writing wise?? I am taking a week to play hooky after I send the first three chapters on to my BETA readers for their opinion. I have no idea what to expect. The friends who are reading for me are experienced at doing this, so I’m in for a lesson on something new. Wish me luck! With the holidays coming up, I think they may need the whole month to go through the steps required to do a good job.

The other thing I will do, between decorating the new tree we bought and mailing gifts to Colorado and Maryland for grandkids, is analyze what I wrote last month during NaNoWriMo and see what chapters the additional stories need to be placed in. Since the goal was write as much as possible when I wrote, I thought it best to write a whole new document to capture the writing then insert it where it would read best in the actual book. If it works well, that’s how I will do it next year. If not, I’ll have to do a lot of planning to cover all the bases. Everything is a learning experience. All you can do it try.

Also, there is a special quilting project to do for a friend. I’m looking forward to doing it, as it will give me some more quilting skills, too. I love to learn, and am grateful for the creative hobbies I have, as well as the writing I’ve started. A work in progress, I’m not finished. It’s not too late and I’m not too old!!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you back tomorrow. Again, congratulations to Pat Riedmann who is our $50 Visa Gift Card Winner!!

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