So, What’s Next?

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid, waiting for Christmas vacation to come, then it did, you had Christmas, then it was back to school again?? Me, too, and I sort of have the feeling like, “So now what do I do?” after completing NaNoWriMo in November. It was a real experience.

I just sent my first five book chapters off to have a fellow author read them for me and offer feedback. It’s scary yet exhilarating. Like being on the high dive at the Olympics and not knowing how to swim. (I do not know how to swim, and drowning terrifies me.) And I believe I can write, we just don’t know how well yet. My novel is a mixture of facts and fiction based on people I know. The names are changed to protect the innocent, of course!

This is a beautiful but windy day here in Nebraska, and not only have I finished the goal for November, but the Babe has also had the wound vac removed. The doc was satisfied with what little depth the wound had and said the rest will heal on it’s own. I am changing small dressings twice a day, and monitoring how it looks. So I have had two big changes in our lives at once and it kind of leaves me thinking, “what am I going to do with all this spare time?” When you have a puppy still in training, your question is answered way before you come up with anything. She is pretty fun, too. Downstairs in the family room, there is a quarter round couch ensemble that you can walk around.

So crazy Goldie, the puppy no one loves, grabs a stuffed animal, and proceeds to run hot laps all around the couch. She goes one way, crashes into the wall, then gets up, grabs the toy, then reverses direction. She’s so funny. And the best thing?? She’ll wear herself out. You get smarter the more dogs you have and the more age you have. Yes, we’re old and she’s pretty good at the lovable, crazy Lab who is tripping over her big feet.

A funny story from the surgeon. Now, heart surgeons and cardiothoracic surgeons have a certain air about them. They exude confidence that seems to boarder on conceit but they have to have that kind of confidence. They could never do the surgeries they are called on to do if they weren’t confident. Well, he broke the veneer when he told the Babe, “If your wife is willing to change your bandages and clean the wound, you are ahead of the game. I had an incident at home, a glass was broken, I stepped on it, and a shard of glass was embedded in my foot. I asked my wife to get it out, I didn’t have my readers and I can’t see up close. She said she couldn’t. I needed to go to the surgeon across the street. ” He proceeded to tell a very funny story about needing readers, because he wasn’t going to hop across the street on one foot to have this orthopedic surgeon take a shard of glass out of his foot. He was a regular, down to earth guy who happened to be a kick-ass surgeon. We like this guy.

The Babe had a carotid endarterectomy last year, and this surgeon was not conceited at all, nor did he boarder on it. He looked like Doogie Howser to tell you the truth. He looked as if there was no way he could be in practice for 5 years much less the twenty years he had practiced. It was amazing. I always heard you want a “young doctor and an old lawyer.” That about covers it.

I for one am glad there are younger people who love medicine enough to live their lives around it. A person goes to medical school, is an intern for how many years, and it’s still some time before they’re a full fledged doctor. That takes a lot of dedication. Someone told me once though, that not all of them are intelligent. Half of them graduated in the bottom half of their classes. To that, I must say, yes, and they may have more people skills than grades, or more common sense to help them through. Yes, some during the 1960’s went to college to avoid the draft or to make a lot of money, or to impress women (or men), but not all who had good grades are quick thinkers on their feet or someone I’d want behind the scalpel during my surgery. Just choose wisely.

I am off to check the sleeping dogs, and maybe look into putting together our new Christmas tree. My week of tranquility and peace will be busy, but with enjoyable things. Like the blog, follow it, leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading today, and I’ll see you back right here tomorrow.

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