Sundays and Coincidences

Today has been sort of laid back but busy anyway. Dan and I went to the VFW Post he is Quartermaster at and did some work. I volunteer in the office, mostly to keep up the mailing address list and create any Excel spreadsheets they might need. It’s a good way to keep those skills sharp just in case you need them later.

I did get my video to work from the Yesterday and Today show we saw Friday night. I absolutely love this. Here is Ciaran McGuigan, with his dad, Billy, performing “Yesterday.”

What a great experience for Ciaran!

That’s enough to make your eyes leak, I say. Pass the tissues!! I love the sense of family these folks demonstrate at every show. You know they came from the same kind of roots we did, blue collar, hard working people. They have succeeded in a hard profession – music entertainment, and they thank you for being there with them. Humble. Kind. It’s enough to make me smile through bad times. Their music makes me happy.

While we were at the VFW today, there was a cookie exchange. I just love this idea for Christmas! We are attending one next week with family, and I need to bake a couple kinds of cookies this week. Nothing huge, but enough to exchange. They have a cookie decorating contest and the homeowner picks the winner. It’s a great deal of fun. Our friend Lou is the homeowner and he has finished the lower level of his home, which was a total loss from the floods. There is a lot to celebrate this year, as Lou is in his 80’s and he knew exactly how he wanted the rebuild to be. He had worked in the industry for his whole life. He is a wonderful human being and it will be great to spend time with him and his home that is now whole again. He’s definitely up on what is going on in the world. He is the reason my Dan (Babe) came to Nebraska in the first place. He is my most favorite person in the world. If the Babe hadn’t come to Nebraska, I would have never met him.

Have you ever looked at the coincidences in your life?? I probably would not have married the first time right out of high school. We got married because he had #48 in the Draft Lottery of July 1, 1970. Who knows what would have happened if he had #248??

If the Babe hadn’t come to Omaha in the 1970’s for work, would he have come here?? The funny thing is, we lived in the same fourplex near 39 & Harrison Street in Omaha (now Bellevue), Nebraska. We lived there about two years apart. Isn’t that weird?? And it gets weirder. I knew his second mother in law. I bowled with her at the old Vinton Bowl on 24 & Vinton Streets. I knew her when her daughter married the Babe. How often does this stuff happen?? I’m just glad for the Gods of Love, Fate, and Divine Intervention that life has turned the way it has for me. I’m the luckiest woman alive when I think of how wrong my life could have gone. God is so good to me.

One of the biggest coincidences of my life was what I consider a medical miracle. A young neurosurgeon came to Omaha, NE in 1995. In December of 1995, I had an arachnoid cyst in my spinal column. It was crushing my spinal cord and causing more pain than you can imagine. I constantly felt as if I had to go to the bathroom. I also had a disk infection from a dye test done a week before to see if I needed spinal surgery. It was in the Lumbar area, the cyst was in the thoracic area. Luckily, an x-ray showed the bottom of the cyst. Dr. McKinney and his young protege, Dr. Scott Dulebohn, saw the cyst, and did surgery. An 8 hour surgery. No promises, no info on anyone surviving this surgery much less recovering from it. When they opened me up, they took photos of the cyst.

From my lengthy surgery on my stomach, my face looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll. I had no more pain. I went home and had to lay in bed 23 hours a day until my spine healed. I later developed scoliosis, and a lot of back pain, but I could walk. I could get around. I worked for five years after that, until I just couldn’t anymore. By then, Dan and I were married. God knows better for us than we do. Sometimes, you have to look at how things played out in your life and just be grateful. And I am.

What I would recommend for those in a difficult time in their lives right now, is find something to be grateful about. It changes everything. Please, just hold on and find things to be grateful for. You will find miracle after miracle in your lives. Thank you for reading today, and I will see you again tomorrow. You can bet on it.

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