Christmas Parties 2019

What a selection!

Cookie exchange was great! Lots of delicious goodies were shares among all the families and friends.

Sugar cookies were decorated by toddlers, college-aged kids, and a new retiree alike. Sprinkles, crumbs, and frosting were enjoyed by all. We feasted on a variety of soups, stews, and a chili.

Snowman, Christmas Tree with a glowing light, and a failed Baby Yoda.

In fact, it looks more like a clown from the movie It. Sorry kids! It went wrong somewhere.

It’s funny, my mom never frosted sugar cookies, just put sprinkles on the dough before baking. We added frosting later. They’re good that way.

The home we were at sustained considerable flood damage from the spring floids. It was such a long summer for the owner, and finally, his beautiful home is restored to a beautiful living place. God was good to our friend. We pray others are restored after all this time being displaced. And may their homes be safe from any flooding in 2020.

Tonight was the Commanders Christmas Party at the Post. It was very nice to see the other officers and wives and volunteers. They all help make the place continue to stay open.

Its time to call it a day. This weather shift is causing me a lot of back, neck, leg and shoulder pain. Welcome to winter in Nebraska.

Thank you for reading today. I hope you’ll return tomorrow, I’ll be here again.

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