Terrific Tuesday

The icy fog from last night looked divine this morning!
Beautiful View Today
So perfectly beautiful!

We were were blessed with some icy fog last night, and while it makes my joints ache like crazy, this is what I get to look at while in a great deal of pain. It takes my mind away from me so I can look with wonder at this beautiful scene. Someday, I want to paint it to look at whenever I want. Always looking towards doing more and learning more, I just hope there is enough time.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I repeat a prayer I embroidered on a picture years ago, “Dear God, Be Good to Me. The Sea is so Wide, and My Boat is so Small.” It sets my mind right, knowing I’m a small fish in a big ocean, yet I know I’m unique and special in God’s eyes. He is so good to me. I’m fairly healthy, have a wonderful husband, and a happy life, with four smart and beautiful grandkids, good human beings for kids and stepkids, and their spouses, we are so blessed to have the life we do.

I spent the day working on a project for a friend, and it was challenging. I’m grateful for learning a new quilting technique and for helping someone I love as a sister. It’s a nice change from creating stories, so it’s a good way to spend the day. It’s my priority for tomorrow, too.

I thank you for reading today. I will be here tomorrow, and I hope you are, too. Life is better with friends.

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