2019 Winding Down

With Christmas over, many folks are taking the tree down, exchanging gifts that weren’t right for them, spending gift cards and cash they received, and all the things that go with after Christmas sales. I read a great meme today that spoke of not forgetting the Christmas spirit after the decorations are put away. Let me second that statement. Don’t forget to be kind to people, hold a door for the people behind you, tell someone they look nice. You never know what those around you are going through. That doesn’t change because the calendar does.

As we look towards 365 new chances, let’s remember that although we have a lot of chances, let’s spend them as wisely as we can. Many of us, me included, spend too much time on our smart phones. I try to justify it because it’s either crossword puzzles or grueling strategy of solitaire that I’m spending some time on, that can keep my brain functioning. In reality, it is time that could be used more wisely. Since my goal for next year is to publish several books, I have a lot to learn about that whole process. Learning the ropes is the perfect way to keep me focused so my goals don’t go by the wayside. If I need to take a break and relax, playing those games is perfectly ok. Brief breaks, not lost days are allowed.

Today has been a relaxing one. Cozy clothes, watching the rain and grey skies, and starting to read, “Show, Don’t Tell”. I need to do a lot more showing than telling with my book. I’m beginning with the first five chapters, that my editor has reviewed. I’m nervous, yet exhilarated to be starting back working on my dream. I’ve also found “WordPress for Dummies” which will help me grow the website and blog in conjunction with book releases. Being self taught on WordPress is a blessing and a curse. I’ve learned some things by accident, and have added features that were needed. I can now load a video for you all to see, it was just a matter of paying a little more annually.

If I get really gutsy, I will vlog, too. I’m not crazy at all about having my photo taken or being recorded while talking, but in today’s world, I may need to do that to market my books and myself. Adjusting to new things keeps a person young. Just so they catch my good side, I’ll be happy.

Although the Babe and I don’t exchange gifts, I did acquire a lot of books during December. Some about writing, some reading for pleasure, and some books by John O’Donohue, who wrote about Celtic Wisdom, Blessings, and Beauty. I look forward to reading all of them, in between many works of fiction, stories about young, unwed mothers and a real story about a woman named Carol Gino, a nurse and author, and her relationship with Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather. I’m really looking forward to that! I need to unpack all my other books and find a good storage area for them. Three years of not seeing my books displayed is long enough. Don’t you think?

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it and will see you here tomorrow. I’m ready for and look forward to the new year. Who’s with me?

These ornaments will remain out all year, in my studio. Reminders of my future and the good ways to spend my time.

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