Subtle Sunday

In just another week, we should all be oriented as to what day of the week it is, what day tomorrow is, and if you work a full week or not. The confusion should be near the end. Today was a nice day, very dreary, cold, some rain, and now it’s snowing. The day after tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so get ready for a new decade.

I am excited for a new decade. There is always hope for the future, for good things to happen for people, for children to be safe, educated, loved, and cherished as they should be. Good things for seniors, too. Things like safety, respect, good health, and access to good medical care. We should have these things in place for all of our people. I have great hope that we will someday. I don’t think the government should be the source of the health care. I think people should be able to choose their own, and then they should pay for their own. I have been a person with little money to spare, and have worked for companies who provided that as a benefit. Benefits still exist, not as generous as they were in my day, and I hate to see people gamble they will be healthy. The bills the past two years from the Babe’s medical procedures have been astronomical. Luckily, I have retiree insurance, and he can carry his Medicare Supplement through me, since I worked at Mutual of Omaha. It’s expensive, but we are not willing to take a gamble with ischemic heart disease. And I won’t with breast cancer. Sure, it’s been ten years, but who knows?

We are attending a dinner/dance at the VFW Post 2503 on Tuesday evening. A couple we know is back from Arizona after being gone a couple of months, so it will be good to see them again. As we ring in the New Year, let’s all be careful. Impaired drivers will no doubt be out, so watch out for them. Don’t be one. Uber’s or Lyft’s are relatively inexpensive compared to an accident, arrest, court appearances, etc. You have too much to lose by not being careful.

Today after Church, I quilted a little bit. I’ll tell you what, I’m using invisible thread. Yes, it’s a thing. By using invisible thread, the quilting stitches are there, but they don’t distract from the appliqued pieces and colors, since it’s on a white background.

The tiny flecks of red are from the red cotton bobbin thread. From a distance, you cannot even see it.

Hoping to meet with an author friend for coffee tomorrow. Unless the ice and snow build up too much. Since I fell eight years ago and broke my ankle in three places, I’m not inclined to go out when the ice could possibly be on the sidewalk or parking lots. The day I fell, it was forty degrees, and raining. On our north facing driveway, it was frozen in spots. Right where I walked. And fell. That hurts like you can’t imagine unless you’ve done it. Wow.

After coffee, then it’s home to quilt some more. I’d like this project finished by January 1, 2020. Then it’s back to writing. Most of the time, in fact. Thank you for reading today, I appreciate your support. And I will be back here tomorrow. I hope to see you here. Have a great day tomorrow.

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