Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

Still studying the structure of a novel book. I learn something on every page I read. Things are clearer, ideas are flowing. I will continue on that path the rest of the week, in between appointments for Mom and myself.

I read a good post today written by a fellow writer. Sharing a link and hope you enjoy it.

Mackenzie Clench wrote about silence. I did not see “2001 A Space Odyssey” I remember hearing people talk about it. It might be fun to watch it now, if I could stream it somehow from some service. The fact it was void of dialogue intrigues me. If I’m in a room with a lot of talking, I find it hard to hear or think. I like silence. I need silence to study or read. I’m getting better at reading while the Babe watches television, but when I was studying at night at home after work, with three kids in the house, I had to be in a different room. No TV. No radio. Quiet. I like it. I imagine someday should I become a widow, I will live in a world that is way too quiet. I understand that. I want to hear all the Babe has to say to me in the meantime.

The life we had at home when I was a kid was one of being quiet. We had a father who worked at night and slept during the day. We had no air conditioning, so the house was never closed up in the summer. We couldn’t run through the house, yell outside, fight and argue in the living room, it just wasn’t an option. Dad needed his sleep. Mom made it clear we were to be quiet. And we were. I would bet many kids could not perform like that now.

Maybe that’s where I learned to like silence. Some people don’t like it at all. You could miss out on an experience you find rejuvenating, enlightening, spiritual, or calming. After the grandkids go home, our house is so quiet. The Babe and I marvel at how much fun it is to have them over and how much noise they add to life that we are no longer used to. It’s funny how you adjust to changes in life like that. When the home clears out, so does most of the background “music”.

Today while I was reading, my writing assistants were in the living room with me. Lexie napped while Goldie worked on a huge bone. It’s the size of her head, I swear. In the background, I played Big Band Music. I realized how many of the tunes I knew. My dad loved the music, but I also knew the words from hearing them in my life. It was a lot of fun remembering.

Lexie Loves Her Naps!
Goldie Working on Her Dream!

Thank you so much for reading tonight. I appreciate it so much. I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope you are, too, and I hope you have a quiet night if you need it to be!

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