Any Given Sunday

We are expecting more snow today. It was not bad when we left the house for church, sunny. When we left, it became overcast and foggy. Can’t figure it out. Just dress in layers.

More football playoff games today. I hope Kansas City gets to advance. That Mahomes kid really is good. The others, I don’t think I care about. Just glad Brady isn’t in the Super Bowl, for obvious reasons.

The Nebraska Writers Guild announced its Spring Conference will be in Omaha again, and I’m eager to attend. Just hope there are no family weddings that weekend. I can always skip the ceremony and go to the night reception. It’ll be fine.

The Guild also announced training for social media, in particular, Pinterest. For a while I was on Pinterest. Then I decided I wanted to waste all my time on Facebook, and here we are. I think the training will be valuable, and I’m lucky it has come along.

Before I do any work today reflecting on goals achievement and adjustments for next week, I’m prepping a late lunch/early dinner. Baking banana bread and making a small batch of potato soup. That sounds perfect for a cold day. I hope the dogs are snuggly today. They really don’t care for the cold, but they still have to go out. I’ve never been one to get clothes for a pet. My daughter was a little kid when she dressed our first dog, Shadow, in her winter coat, hat, boots and scarf. The photos are somewhere and they’re funny. Shadow was a good doggie. She was mellow and rolled with it.

Sometimes in our lives we try to help people overcome things that are causing chaos in their lives. Sometimes we’ve needed to do that for ourselves, so we think or expect them to do as we did, or at least make it seem like they appreciate our help or advice. When we don’t get it, it puzzles us. It even makes us  angry. I’ve been guilty of that. The anger boiled out of me and surprised me. It wasn’t just anger; it was sheer exhaustion from trying to help an ungrateful person who I love very much. They responded with their own anger, a door slammed in my face. I became more angry and removed myself.

I decided for my sanity, I could not help my friend anymore. Or even be around him, because of his negativity, his misogynistic attitude towards women, and his verbal abuse. I feel better. And I have realized is I didn’t know the person he had become. I kept the idea in my mind and heart of what we were as young kids still existed in each of us today. It does not appear to be anywhere in him. I know it is in me. I have to let go of that old friend and realize distance is a good thing. Part of me wants to explain, but I know he does not care. It is part of his illness and addictions. I wish him well. Someday, he may understand things. I can no longer wait for him to catch up. My life needs living. And I intend to do just that.

In the meantime, it’s before noon, and I’m finishing today’s blog. Yay! That leaves about nine more hours to create today. Some will be food, some will be knowledge, some will be content. I’m grateful to have you read today. I hope to see you tomorrow. I should be able to write my blog before noon again. I’ll be here. Have a great day!

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