MLK Monday

Today is a national holiday, thanks to Ronald Reagan, who proclaimed this day to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. We do that not by store sales, cheap travel fares, discounted cars, and consumption of things. We do that by remembering a man who invoked change in how we as a nation treated black people. He was about fairness for all. Equality. Love. Peace. Especially for peaceful resolutions to our differences. I think it would shock him at the steady slide downhill in the last thirty years. I believe we did make a lot of progress after the riots of the late sixties. There have been so many instances in the past twenty years regarding race relations, police/race relations, and all of its ramifications, I wonder if we ever gained any ground on it at all. I would hope so we have.

We need to all be respectful of each other. It goes in both directions. Start at home, with each other. Expand to your workplace, your place of worship, your school, the local Target, everywhere. It isn’t easy, we all want the best treatment and don’t want to give it all the time. It starts and continues with each of us. Let’s all make a better effort. It could go a long way.

I started a very good book yesterday. It is “Sold on a Monday” by Kristina McMorris. It is the very sad story of a newspaperman who saw a sign with two little boys sitting nearby. The sign said, “2 Children for Sale.” It takes place during the Depression. Many people were at their wits end with how to care for their children. They were desperate and did the only thing they could think. Many times they placed the children in homes where they suffered abuse or became slaves.

In the book, the story included the fact first photo taken by the newspaperman sustained damage with the negatives before it went to press. It was such a great human interest story they sent the newspaperman out to re-take the photo. The family left. They moved to California. He posed the photograph with different children. He constantly questioned his ethics after that incident. He pledged to be honest. He didn’t feel honest. He wrestled with his conscience for a long time.

In today’s world, I cannot help but question if many journalists of any kind question their integrity at all. It appears we cannot rely on our news to report the truth. Many journalists are allowing their bias write their stories, tape their interviews, and report the events of the day. This is not acceptable. I find it very sad we cannot trust people to keep us up to date with current events as they really happen. It will most likely get worse before becoming better.

As prep work for the children’s books I’m writing, today I viewed videos about creating picture books. It is very interesting. I hope to finish it tomorrow. It will be a good base for my 30 Day Art Challenge for February. There is so much to learn, and I’m enjoying it, it’s easy to get frustrated. There is always tomorrow, I figure.

Thank you for reading today. Be kind. At home, work, worship, driving, shopping, whatever you do, wherever you go. I appreciate you reading and hope you’ll join me here tomorrow. Thank you!

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