Tuesday Voting

OK, since primaries may be going on in some states today, I thought I’d ask your help in deciding which quilt I will make to go on our new gray wall in the living room. It’s by the stairs, and we had a very heavy Bed, Bath and Beyond picture on it. We still like it, but would like to change it up a bit. Here’s the wall (with Goldie playing Vanna):

The grey wall needs some artwork.

So, here are the candidates. Left, is a black, white, and grey print on a white background; red pots accent “Poison Ivy.” On the Right, is Red, purple, green, and poppy panel for a lovely quilt called “Poppies.” So, it will either be Poison Ivy or Poppies you’ll cast a vote for. Leave a comment, and you’ll help me decide. I love them both, so eventually the other one will also be made, and rotate in and out with the winner. Thanks!

Please, in the comments below, vote either for (left) Poison Ivy, or (right) Poppies. Thank you for helping me decide.

So today was balance class for Mom. She is always pepped up after class, so today, she had a stop at Family Fare for a couple groceries, and Walgreens for stuff. Family Fare was crazy. It’s primarily Hispanic in South Omaha where she lives, so the store is basically Hispanic in stock. We have to hunt for things. She always says, “They moved things again.” She doesn’t realize she forgot. I remember from the last time we were there, more than six months ago.

There we were. She must be watching too many cooking shows on Create again. Red Wine Vinegar. Rice Noodles. (Are you kidding me?) White Vinegar. Well, the bottle was too big for her. Laundry soap. No, it’s cheaper another place. And you can’t buy a huge laundry soap, because she couldn’t lift it to use it. And she has no shelf to set it on up high.

And laundry! Wow, my two younger brothers and I are having a great time with helping Mom figure stuff out. She swore by Sears appliances and now that they’re closed, she is lost. Brother Tim got a great deal on the washer a couple years ago at Christmas. She reluctantly agreed not to buy a maintenance policy on it, FINALLY! They were a smart thing when you’re young and may not be able to afford a replacement, but Sears could have stayed open until Doomsday with the money they got from Mom on her appliances.

As of late, her dryer wasn’t drying things very well. She has a gas dryer and it’s twenty years old. We thought it would be good to just replace it. Nebraska Furniture Mart had a sale, so Brother Steve secured the goods. It was delivered Saturday, and she was in heaven. Until Sunday afternoon when Steve was told it wasn’t drying well. He examined her towels, which were sopping wet out of the washer. Mom is puzzled and thinks maybe it’s operator error, since she can’t see that well. The manual for the washer is MIA. I can print one from the internet, but it will take a day or so to get it to her.

I told her the load was probably off balance and that caused the spin cycle to not work well enough. Agitator-less washing machines don’t make that awful sound when the load shifts. They usually ding or just stop. She said, “Well, that’s inconvenient as hell.” I laughed. Change is hard when everything is different. And while you’re struggling to remain independent. Brothers Steve and Tim and I have the attitude we need to laugh, otherwise it would be too sad. Luckily, she laughs along with us, and shakes her head. New things are hard. Especially for old people. Be patient with them. They taught you to do everything, so help them learn what they need to to remain independent.

Thank you for reading today. I’ll let you know how the saga of Mom and the new machines goes. Remember to select either the “Poison Ivy” quilt (A) or the “Poppies” quilt (B). I appreciate the help! I’ll sure be back tomorrow, and hope you will, too. Until then.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Voting

  1. Hi Kathy!

    I was checking feedback on my website and came across yours. I enjoy reading your posts!

    So I’m voting. My first response would be the Poppies, because it would … pop on that wall. (Sorry!) But I’m voting for Poison Ivy.

    You are very energetic!! I am using you to procrastinate writing. Thank you!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Energetic??!?! You should see me about 2 p.m.!
      Thank you, you know the Poppies are the winner so far! I think I’ll go with it, especially since the Babe voted Poppies.
      Love your stuff. It’s so good, earthy, and gritty. Real.


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