Sunday Stuff

Good morning from the “Home Office” of Author, Kathy Raabe in Gretna, Nebraska. Wow, it’s been a busy, busy day or two. Progress is made in prepping for spring at Raabe Ranch but nothing involving water (like washing windows) happened yesterday. Too windy. I was actually disappointed.

One thing we’re participating in whether we want to or not is Novel Coronovirus or COVID-19 exposure. It seems Wednesday at our Food Night, a lady attended for dinner who is now in the Bio-Containment area of the NE Medical Center. We are not overly concerned about it, as she was there one hour, ate, and left. She passed through the bar area where we sit with out friends, and was in a different room most of the times. The Douglas County Health Department sent a press release concerning our exposure, and the Babe and I have registered to self-report. We believe it will help gather data for the Epidemiologist in the State Nebraska in their calculations on how risky this very casual exposure was. Information is the best weapon we can have against this. Panic does no good at all except cause more of the same.

It needs to be said the woman who exposed the Post is not to blame. She had been to various Health Care facilities but they saw nothing serious and released her. At first I wanted to cast blame too. But it truly was not her fault. She had traveled to Britain with family and returned to the US healthy. She participated in a Special Olympics Basketball Tournament a week ago. No information is available on her movements until Wednesday, March 4, when she came to the VFW. Dan and I just have to wait to see what happens. We did skip Church services this morning. Our Church has a lot of elderly and we don’t want to expose anyone should the worst happen and we beome ill. Our risk is very low of becoming infected. Washing our hands, phones, and remotes like crazy!

With all this going on, if we don’t feel well, I hope I at least feel well enough to write. Today will be a work on the novel day, after I update the Post website and email information to the Post Members. Information is the most valuable asset we have right now. It eases people’s minds, tells them what to watch out for, and is a central place to stop rumors. At any rate, if I were quarentined at home, I’d love to have two weeks to write as much as I wanted! It’s not always a bad thing. Make the best of it, my dad always said.

After all this extra computer stuff today, I hope to write later, but I need a break now. The writing staff is asleep (Goldie and Lexie) and I’m going to have a refreshing beverage, probably make some lemonade. Sounds good. Thanks for reading today, and be careful out there! Wash your hands a lot, and slather on some lotion afterwards. Take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a very uneventful fourteen days.

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