It’s All Good Saturday

Day two of the National Crisis of Coronavirus. As a nation, we’re keeping our sense of humor. Yes, it’s a serious situation. There is a great Facebook story about getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors if at all possible. What our moms and grandmas called, “Getting the stink blown off you,” is indeed important. Fresh air promotes wellness, and we talk about wellness all the time. Take a family walk. Take your dog for a walk. Even a turtle can go for a walk. Protect yourselves, and go for a walk. It will relieve anxiety just as any physical exercise will. Ride a bike, jog, whatever. It all helps.

I am such a “It’s so pretty!” kind of girl when I see a snowfall, of course I took a photo off our deck quite early today. And it is just so pretty!

It IS Pretty!

And, snowfall in March after a nice warmup results in the only self-clearing snow you’ll fine! Talk about a win/win! We get some moisture, the kids get to see snow (not just the threat of it), and there is no shoveling. Being the wife of a heart bypass patient, I’m grateful for that. Tomorrow will bring the mud. Dog owners aren’t crazy about that, but it’s progress towards spring. Embrace it!

People are going to feel the economic impact of this national emergency. All toilet paper jokes aside, we will run out of stuff. My mom tells me that all through World War II there was no toliet paper. They learned to live without it. You can make adjustments. Just be smart about what you try and flush down a toilet, your favorite plumber will thank you. Mom said they used tissue paper, not fabric. Think about it, please. Yes, it’s gross but we need to be tougher than that. We need to have some common sense. Please just buy what you need.

I’ve seen some wonderful posts about entertaining your kids during this break. I believe it makes a lot of sense to get your kids to make little art projects for you to drop off to nursing homes while many of them are quarantined. It will help the kids do something besides play electronics, they will think of others, and the older folks will have some contact with the outside world. They crave the interaction. It will be a great lesson for the kids. We all need each other, more and more. Just stay an arm length away from me. Thank you.

As I’m developing more characters/brothers for my main female character Katie, I’m finding this family, like many, goes from one extreme to another.

Oldest sibling Patrick is a barely self-sufficient Vietnam war vet.

Second sibling, former seminarian, Andrew is also an alcoholic and convict.

You never know what you will get from Edward, the third oldest brother. The best word to describe him is skallawag.

John is the fourth brother. Prep school transferee, is retired from a local job. and a highly functioning alcoholic.

Katie is an empath, survivor of verbal abuse, divorced and remarried, recovering adult child of an alcoholic.

Marty is the next brother, who has very low self esteem and self worth.

Young William, as the older brothers call him, is a naturally happy individual. He is not an alcoholic but may be a workaholic as their Grandpa was.

Mikey, the baby, is a reformed scoundrel. He has been clean and sober over 30 years.

Add to this, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, you’ll have a good time getting to know these people. They are parts of people I’ve met through life, good and bad citizens, some of the best yet worst experiences I’ve had in life. And since it’s combining all these traits, it is a work of what I call realistic fiction. If you have any suggestions, comment below, please. I’d love your input.

Back to getting to know these characters better, for myself and you, my readers. Thanks for stoppingi by today. Wash your hands, do some good for people who need help, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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