Sunday-Getting it Done!

Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do

which must be done, whether you like it or not. Charles Kingsley

Human development ends when we do nothing for ourselves. If we rely on electronics, television, and videos, we live vicariously through the lives of who and what we see on our screens. We need to participate in our own lives, make our own decisions, own up to our own mistakes, and take the risks that opportunities offer to us. No one else can do this for us. We cannot live our lives second handedly. Others may think they know what is best for us but believe me, they do not.

The first people who manage our lives is our parents. They may actively participate in our life or not, but we need to rely on them from birth until about age two. I think this is when a person really starts to develop as a person, after they master walking, they can investigate new things they see, they need to have outside stimulation to develop their critical thinking, and their learning. Having had children and grandchildren, I have to say this is my favorite stage of a child’s life. You take a bit of a step back as a parent, and let them take some supervised risks, to begin to learn consequences of certain actions. It is all part of the learning process. I remeber my daughter at the age of two. Having two older brothers, she was somewhat of a tomboy. One spring day, I spread manure by some flowers and worked it into the soil. While she took her nap, I watered what I planted. Back then, I couldn’t afford mulch, I just kept the weeds at bay with grass clippings.

After her nap, she was playing with a Tonka truck and threw up her skirt over her shoulder and bent over to push the truck across the driveway. She wasn’t too steady on her feet, but I let her keep going on her own. She didn’t fall, she stopped in front of the newly planted flower bed. She rubbed both hands in the combination manure and mud flower bed and got it all over her cute mint green dress. I laughed. She laughed and clapped her hands. Her brothers clapped their hands and laughed too. It was so fun to watch her. The dress and baby washed up just fine.

The Babe and I enjoy his grandchildren so much, they are much older than two, and certainly have their own way of doing things. It’s been a joy to see them grow up to the ages of 13, 12, and 7. Yesterday, my independent thinking daughter Rebecca and her husband celebrated their daughter Kayla’s birthday. They prefer I not post any photos of videos of her so I won’t. Kayla appears to be a happy little one, investigating a lot of things all at once. Her favorite things are running around, playing with Legos, and reading. I’m in seventh heaven her Mama and Daddy are both readers. Kayla has been read to since she came home from the hospital. I hope we can travel to see her soon, it will be fun to spend the day watching her figure things out. I want the danger of COVIF-19 to be over first.

And you are never quarantined upon your return, either!

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate it so much! We are doing well with our reporting our temps twice a day and symptoms. So far, no problems! I hope to see you all tomorrow.

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