Friday, Friday

Hello, fellow self-quarantineers. Was out this morning for a brief appointment to get my third OrthoVisc injection in each knee. The doc called me Wednesday to see if I still wanted to come in, that he would be present, and he left it up to me. Don’t think I encountered another person on my way into the building or on my way out. The Health Department is no longer interested in if the Babe or I have a temperature or any symptoms, their twice daily text messages ceased on Wednesday. That was the fourteenth day since we were under the same roof as we were at our VFW Post 2503. No one at all has taken ill who was present that night. Great news for everyone!

Just had a lunch of salad and cheesy breadsticks. It was a nice break from sandwiches. The Babe has ham and cheese sandwiches every day. Add chips and that’s what he lives for – crunchy stuff. Not raw veggies, however. Chips of some sort. I never used to buy potato chips, it’s just so easy to binge on them. Which, being human, I do from time to time. I’m making Chicken Alfredo later and baked a Red Velvet Cake (mix) for dessert. You’ve got to have dessert to keep up your strength. If we need an unexpected carb load, we’re ahead of the game. Lol.

I believe all of this will go much better if we just quit playing politics. Our elected representatives need to pull together and act in the best interest of America. We’re all we have. C’mon, let’s have some common sense, decency, and civility out there, people. Politicians, journalists, everyone. Just stop it. Just stop it now, before it’s too late. The mayor of New York is bad-mouthing the President. The President spoke to the Governor of New York about the NYC situation. As a civilian, it sounds as if the chain of command should have been followed. City -> Governor ->President. None of us is that important to skip right to the top. Life just doesn’t work that way.

The Studio is in the sewing/quilting configuration for today.

And while this isolation goes on, the work of the day today will be to start – wait for it! – yes, the Poppy Quilt! I’m slow, but I’ll get there eventually. just sewing some squares together. It will be so pretty when we’re finished. The Babe is watching his daily dose of tv, and I don’t have to listen to the people holler at each other. Yes, Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. Sadly true. This pesky overhead light is still trying to eitiher put a hex on me or drive me bonkers before it burns out. When I type about it, the blinking stops. Now, I bet ads for light bulbs show up on my Facebook feed.

So, for today, to keep things interesting, go for something a little out of your normal. If you love to do a hobby, get your stuff back out again. It will help you declutter and help you see if you want to continue doing the hobby. The Babe will not be able to contain his joy at this one: I’m going to shuffle through about a week’s worth of newspapers that have accumulated. I hate paying over $55 monthly for the Omaha World Herald and never getting to read the newspaper. Even if it’s old news. It’s more sentimental than anything else. Both my dad and older brother worked there for over thirty years each. That’s a lifetime in today’s employment records. Longevity must run in the family.

I appreciate you reading today. Let’s all give each other the benefit of the doubt today. Let’s not be Democrat or Republican or Independent. Let’s be Americans. Let’s be Americans who love our country and who want to see it recover and succeed. Let’s not hold ourselves back by pettiness and squabbling. It needs to end now. Let’s all do our part. Period. Our future depends on it. See you tomorrow. I’ll be here.

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