Is it Finally Friday?

The bane of staying home is with us all. Not knowing what day it is for sure has been a thing for me since 2000, when I stopped working. Now, I have it happen several times a day. During the same day. Not just when waking up, when working around the house throughout the day, we are always asking each other what day it is. The Babe has it too. Do any of you who are safe at home? I’d appreciate knowing we’re not alone. Thanks.

In the grand scheme of things, I hope we stay self distancing until at least the end of April, May if necessary. I hope the school kids maybe get to see their classmates, friends, and teachers one more time before they go on to the next grade. It’s important to their development. It will ease their worries. They shouldn’t have to worry. As I’m reminded of my new friend asthma (I’ve had it for four or five years now), I hope to God the occasional wheezing I feel is from the asthma, not the COVID-19. I’m not invincible, I know. I have to acknowledge these feelings, put them in their place, and go on living. Thank God for inhalers! If wheezing lived through two shots of those, I’d be calling my Doc.

I don’t want to be that person who gets seriously ill in the next round of the virus. I’m convinced it’s not just going away this spring or summer. I can only trust that God will keep us all safe. I live in His safety every day. Some days are harder than others, but we’re always here for each other in this house. I’m so blessed. So is the Babe. And the dogs just love the extra attention.

Speaking of Income Taxes, I am going to start working on them tomorrow. I’m hoping to be able to copy the backup files onto a mini drive and onto our new laptop, which doesn’t have a regular sized USB Port. We also have some things to sort out today, papers, receipts, all that stuff. Could you guess we have a ton of doctor stuff? Even with the Babe using the VA, he still has civilian doctors for his surgeries, etc. We have good insurance through my old job at Mutual of Omaha, so it’s all good.

So that leaves us with the activities of today. Going to work a bit on the book, and some on the quilt. I need to create some things, get my system calmed down and relaxed before tackling anything. Writing and sewing do just that. How about you? What are you doing consistently do give yourself come calm, some sense of normalcy? For now, comfort food is ok. I’m lifting the ban on comfort food. NOW what are you all doing? You know what I’d love to have now? Movie theater popcorn. A large bucket. I just have a taste for it. Who knows when we can go back to the movies? I’ll have to wait.

That reminds me of a funny story, when I was an adult, I had braces. I was about 38 years old. I worked with a good friend named Rod. Well, the day I came in late because the braces came off. When I got to work, there was a huge bag of popped corn on my desk. I laughed my head off and enjoyed every bit of it. It had been a long eighteen months, trust me. What a friend. And today, he’s the only co-worker who keeps in touch with me. That’s friendship. Thanks again, Rod.

Every day, you can find it. You just have to look hard enough.

Our Nebraska Medical Center had a nice program last night that our friend, Jimmy Weber, was able to perform live on. The music is the best part. I’m eager to have Jimmy make another “album”, as his playlist grows in our collection. Good to see you performing again, Jimmy! Hope it’s not too long until you and all your friends are out there again. The link is Facebook dependent, so I hesitate to include it here.

Folks, you can go to Facebook and go to the News Channel Nebraska page. There is a show called Quarantine Tonight on News Channel Nebraska. It was on last night from 7 – 9. There’s some great music in there, trust me. I attempted to share it, Facebook gets in the way. News Channel Nebraska is moving the link on their site, and FB is the only static way to get to it right now. I’ll keep searching for a link directly to the program.

Background music today is “A Star is Born” with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I have the the music from “I’ll Never Love Again” as my ringtone for the Babe. I loaded it on a day I was a bit upset with him. I always try to remind myself how long it took to find him, (fourteen years!), and how lonely I was before that. My worst mistakes have been made when I was lonely. I freely admit that. And, when the phone rings and I hear that song, I go from peeved to grateful. Instantly. I’d never find another Babe. So, I choose to be grateful. No matter what.

Thanks for reading, I’m glad you took your time to do so. Stop by again tomorrow, as we’ll sure be here. Whatever day it is! Be grateful. Be safe.

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