Monday Morning!

It’s another beautiful day here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. We are on location this morning, on the deck, overlooking the Wetlands behind our home, listening to all the birds. There are so many we don’t know by their call or sight, the thing is to actually separate out one call from the other, and then identify what they are. We have a reference book, but just as in trying to describe the sound your car makes to the mechanic, one man’s tweet or whine is another man’s chirp or screech. The Cardinal is always the one, hands down, that we know no matter what.

Anyone watch Good Morning America today? The specific part about Jon Bon Jovi writing a song about “when you can’t do what you do, do what you can.” Apparently, he is scrubbing pots and pans at his restaurants in Jersey which I find so commendable. He has gone online, asking fans to write their versions of the next verses of his song, what are they out there doing while they can’t do what they do. What a great idea! It was a thoughtful segment, one I hope more people consider.

I am still doing what I do, while I can. I want to encourage people who may not get encouragement from others. I want to help people find their way from the dark to the light. The dark is insecurity and feelings of worthlessness. The light is loving, laughing, and living. I’ve been in both places myself, and it’s hard to move from the familiar to the unknown. It’s hard when no one around you knows there is a difference or has the guts to think something else may exist. It’s hard to be brave on a solitary journey. You can get there. If I can, anyone can. And one very important thing I’ve learned along the way, is when you question your “normal,” everyone around you gets nervous. They don’t want their “normal” questioned, or abandoned, or rejected in any way. It takes moxie to go your own way.

My character Katie has questioned, abandoned, and rejected the family “curse,” alcoholism. Even if a person is not an active alcoholic, the mindset, the codependency, the sickness is there. As an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, I can tell you many folks think if they don’t drink and have behavior issues with they don’t need to worry. You do, indeed need to be concerned. It has poisoned you in ways you may deny at first, but can discover later in your life.

Today, I’m going to write, write, write. Until I can’t anymore. I want some real progress this week with my rewrite. Still learning a lot, and maybe finding things that could possibly go in a sequel (oh no, don’t say that out loud)!

The dogs are loving this weather. Birds are out, and their song is loud! I’m so grateful God has given us sunshine again. I was getting worried there for awhile. The Babe is up at the Post, his only reprieve from all these girls at home. If it’s still warm and not windy later today, we may clean off the house, windows, and screens with the stuff you wash windows with using the hose. It’s great stuff. this day, it’s out Take this day. It’s out there for us to enjoy, and make our own. So I ask you, what are you going to do when you can’t be out there doing what you do? What’s the something else you’ll be doing? Please comment below. .

I do know one thing. Bon Jovi and I have the same hair right now. See for yourself!

Today: Me , Bon Jovi.
I guess his part is on the other side. But you get the idea. LOL!

Ha, Ha, my neighbor teaches guitar, so maybe I could learn that, too! I hope you had a good laugh. I did when I thought about it. Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it so much. Going to do what I do. You do the same. See you tomorrow.

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