Snowy Thursday

Hi, gang! It’s a little snowy here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. Omaha should get less snow than we do, if I’m to believe the weather forecasters. All I know is it will do what it does, you know? I did a little book editing this morning, while the Babe went to Honda Cars of Bellevue to have the oil changed in his CRV. The dogs were quiet, so I took advantage of the quiet to do some work. I still have some masks calling to me, so I’d better get ‘er done, so I can mail some to my in-laws in South Dakota. Mom wants one, too. If I want to make her mad, I should make her one from Denver Bronco or Nebraska Football fabrics. I have a lot of both of them. She most likely wouldn’t wear them.

It’s falling ten times as hard here now. Buckle up!

Deliveries are fun, especially in the days of this quarantine/pandemic/COVID-19. Amazon dropped this at my door today. Now all I want to do is settle in front of the fireplace and read. I’m sure this is an hilarious book. I’ll let you know when I finish.

Mom ought to have quite the narrative on these topics. I love Mike Rowe.

The Babe stopped at Runza on his way home. Lunch today was their good chicken and berry salad (for me) and burger/fries for him. And a $1 bowl of ice cream. The Babe knows the way to my heart. Ice cream. Always a great idea! When Addison was little, we would take her for ice cream as much as we could. Haven’t done that lately, maybe we should when we get to see her post-pandemic. Of course, Gavin will be included, too.

I have to say Pro Writing Aid is a good package. It has flagged overused words and has forced me to restructure my sentences. Some places, I leave the word alone, if it makes sense to do so. It’s interesting to see where we repeat ourselves. I think the longer we’re quarantined, the more I feel I’ve lost my ability to verbally communicate. Wow! Hope it isn’t so! I can work on sections at a time, then I know I’ve cleaned up a lot. I’m enjoying learning from it. No software is perfect, but it can help you write better.

I’m cutting this short today, since I’d like to ready some masks for mailing tomorrow to South Dakota. Hope you all stay cozy this afternoon. Don’t shovel, it’ll all melt away before you find your gloves. Thank you for reading today, please stop back tomorrow, I’ll have pics of our mask collection. I appreciate you very much. Take care.

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